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Record Store Day 2016 Request Thread

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So I'm streaming La Dispute's Tiny Dots right now. Really digging the post-rock vibe from the first half and the alternate versions of their songs in the second half. Didn't know this is what it would be. It all sounds really good. So now I'm in the hunt for that if anyone has it.


EDIT: Nevermind, my local store still has a copy. Hopefully I can go down and snag it tomorrow or Tuesday. Actually, they still have a lot which is pretty cool. Might grab Mew too

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Probably a longshot but if anyone can find Pinback or Mac Demarco for me I would be stoked, went to 4 stores yesterday and all sold out everywhere, drawback of living in So Cal..

There's a Mac demos on discogs currently for $22.99 (cost price at most stores I've seen). Also a few on eBay around $30, not great but not too terribly priced for the time being.

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