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PO SOON: Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

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24 minutes ago, ethereal said:

I kinda doubt HHV would list Columbia as the label if it were a bootleg but who knows

They've listed the cherry bomb bootleg with sony as the label, so its kinda possible that the SFFB listing is the bootleg



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35 minutes ago, Ranch Cat said:

Pretty irritating there is still no update.

I didn't check myself as to when I made order but isn't this going on three months now?


We apologize for the delay. We are experiencing an overflow of bundle orders and are doing our best to have them shipped.
The vinyl bundle is a pre-order and will be shipped in approximately 1-2 weeks. As soon as your order ships, you will be notified and provided a USPS tracking number.
Thank you for your support and patience during this busy time!"


That's what they sent me exactly a week ago. 

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