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PO Soon: Between the Buried and Me - Automata I

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4 hours ago, Gippej said:

I emailed Sumerian about this and this was their response:

“The yellow vinyl were indeed limited to 500 and were only available on our store! Luckily you snagged one before they sold out yesterday! I hope this helps and if you need further assistance please let me know!”


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13 hours ago, VinylMario said:


its definitely not 500, their store said limited to 500 in North American store hinting that there are others in different regions. Also, their website says 'SOLD OUT IN USA" once again meaning there are others in different regions. 


Just for reference "**Only 500 of these will be available on the North American Sumerian Store**"


I think the person form sumerian meant "YEAH WE HAVE 500 AVAILABLE FROM OUR STORE AND ANOTHER 500 IN OTHER LOCATIONS!!" 

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