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  1. I'm too involved now. I need to know how this ends.
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  2. First vinyl issue of this classic powerpop lp only 300 pressed so act fast. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/rooney-rooney_exclusive_lp?variant=42318080868532
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  3. WTF is Willowtip thinking with the pricing of a single LP... $37 and $8 up charge for merge-splatter? For comparisons sake, Afterbirth is on Willowtip now at their PO is up for $26
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  4. yeah, there's 1 listing for it on discogs for over $300 USD lol. anyone that receives one of these is going to have an instant expensive resell value record. And again... i still have a sealed bootleg that i'd be willing to sell to someone at cost+shipping. think i paid $50 for it. DM me if you're interested.
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  5. This is the reason I've strayed away from buying anything they've released since Another Language. So many people have said the quality has been poopy on the last few records. I only own Young Mountain, Another Language, and an older pressing (the one with the cougars on it) of the s/t. I'll have to re-spin and report back.
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  6. They reached out to me and asked how I knew it was a not an LP???? I'm torn because its a great EP but its also crazy expensive and I will probably never listen to it more than a few times when the fam is out of the house...
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  7. I really hoped they were done with this sound and apparently they're not.
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