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  1. Fuck, it's like a top 5 all time album for me for so many reasons. I'd even buy a deluxe 3x10" of it
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  2. glad they wasted resources on printing this out instead of asking if it's cool with you BEFORE they shipped it...
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  3. Yeah I'm not too upset. The price gauging was ridiculous too, when I finally got in, they had like tiers within the tiers... why do I have to pay $50 more for the GA that someone got 5 minutes before me for less? And then this year with all the full album playthroughs? That's quite a few bands, and an album is what 40-50 mins? Unless they get more stages or something, I don't think that's going to go very well.
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  4. Looks like it'll be the Silver & Gold Christmas EP. Also, there's already a discogs listing for the test press
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  5. Preordered. I love everything Jack does, this band deserves more attention
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  6. I jumped so quick on that Pump Up the Valuum variant after missing the Newbury one. Good on Epitaph for printing enough to get these to a point where they are discounted.
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  7. All I want is a reissue of antenna. The only record I don't have, can't justify $100+ for it as it's not a perfect album, but it as some absolute bangers
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  8. Not really a deal but I thought you all should know that Victorias Secret is selling vinyl now. Sooooo yeah… https://www.victoriassecret.com/us/vs/accessories-catalog/1124800200
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  9. Taking back Sunday didn’t play so it sucked
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  10. I have a ticket to the jersey show but cant go now due to a family medical emergency. Its free to a good home. Went from having tickets to 2 of these shows to now being able to attend zero. Life happens and here we are. if someone is willing to grab me a shirt id appreciate it.
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