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    chiefwahoo got a reaction from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in Help with my youtube channel   
    I didn't know that your channel, Dan, that's awesome! I just started digging into it the other day pretty heavily when I was looking for Meat Wave live clips. Noticed that eyeball drum kit a few times, whose is it?
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    chiefwahoo reacted to lethalenforcer in PO: Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle   
    White Indie exclusive, /400!
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    chiefwahoo reacted to mem in PO NOW!! MENZINGERS - AFTER THE PARTY.   
    The blue 7" for Lookers/Bad Catholics is available from the EU store at the moment:
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    chiefwahoo reacted to trolley in The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread   
    Preorders up for Western Addiction - Tremulous and Good Riddance - Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit repress.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to nicbong in PO : NOFX - Oxy Moronic   
    Up at Interpunk,  limited to 2,500 copies on White Vinyl.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to GOTCHA in Ian from popmarket here - what do you guys want to see?   
    Or, you could stop ordering records and then an hour later change your mind and cancel.  They would be better off not having to deal with "customers" like yourself who can't commit to something they ordered less than an hour ago.  
    The site is great.  Create a feature that stops idiots like the one above from ordering so you can focus on more important things and you'll really have something great on your hands 
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    chiefwahoo reacted to crossedoutname in PO now: cloud nothings "life without sound"   
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    chiefwahoo reacted to nancy_raygun in PO: Against Me! - Shape Shift With Me   
    It's not their best effort, but I don't think it's their worst either.  Maybe 2nd worst.  It'd be impressive to top White Crosses.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to phelansegur in Joe McMahon - Another Life   
    Out now on Gunner Records in Germany ..  limited edition of 400 on red vinyl or 100 on clear vinyl with an extra handnumbered silkscreen cover



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    chiefwahoo reacted to tittus in Joe McMahon - Another Life   
    Here's the direct link https://www.smartpunk.com/105358/Joe-McMahon-Another-Life
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    chiefwahoo reacted to futures in A tale of colored vinyl, heartache & healing.   
    this is exactly how I read it, haha. save for the slight suicide comment, I thought it was a fun read. the label playing along was great.
    yall gotta loosen up a bit lol
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    chiefwahoo reacted to 74R in A tale of colored vinyl, heartache & healing.   
    Wow. You guys can't tell this story is a joke? Sorry I thought you would find it funny.
    I sent a ridiculously over the top email to a record label to let them know of an error on their webpage and they played along and sent me a record and some extras. Then, as a thank you, I sent them a photo and thank you note. 
    I would like to think that the person working for the record label found this to be funny and was entertained by it. I'm sure they receive a ton of bitchy nitpicky complaints from overly sensitive record collectors all day long and thought they'd appreciate something different. 
    Lighten up people.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to Snaggle Von Swift in PO NOW!! MENZINGERS - AFTER THE PARTY.   
    The Philly show works out nicely. Restorations has a headlining Red Bull Select show right down the street from the Bayside/Menzingers show.. so I plan on seeing the Menzingers and then heading over to Restorations. Solid night of tunes.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to Reshiram in PO - Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate (July 29th)   
    LMFAO, I'm not surprised since people did the same thing to Weird Al for saying spazztic on one of his songs.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to webdoggy in Led Zeppelin BBC   
    80 bucks after using LP20 at Soundstage.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to xen0m0rph in PO - Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate (July 29th)   
    new song http://www.junodownload.com/products/descendents-victim-of-me/3121556-02/
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    chiefwahoo reacted to phelansegur in PO: Riverboat Gamblers - Massive Fraud 7"   
    I am looking forward to the cover of The Dick's classic ...

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    chiefwahoo reacted to youspinmeround in PO: White Lung- Paradise- May 6   
    New single also up
    Sounds more shoegazey with pop vocals than their punkish past
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    chiefwahoo reacted to roadmonkey in PO: White Lung- Paradise- May 6   
    in case anyone needs a link to the US store
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    chiefwahoo reacted to beags in PO: Goo Goo Dolls - Boxes   
    Probably not too much interest in this here, but thought i'd put it up incase there was a fan or two lurking about!
    $18.98 Amazon
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    chiefwahoo reacted to dandw12786 in YCR Mystery Box sale!   
    Got mine yesterday and haven't had a chance to listen, but I'm excited.
    My 7"s: Somos/Have Mercy split, and Heks Orkest - Endless Scroll
    12"s: Meridian - The Cathedral, and The Felix Culpa - Thought Control EP
    I can't say much as I haven't listened to them yet, but I will say you guys may want to word things a bit better next time, as the product page stated two LPs and two 7"s... to me an "LP" is a full length album, and a 12" EP doesn't really count just because it's the same size. I'm sure it's great and I'm not going to throw a fit as I think this package was a really great value, but I just think an EP in place of an LP is kind of disappointing, but maybe I'm just being pedantic.
    Honestly, though, I am excited to listen to this stuff. I've really liked the tidbits I've had time to check out on YouTube and such.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to dandw12786 in YCR Mystery Box sale!   
    Yyyyeah, calm down dude. Not arguing with anyone from the label, not demanding compensation, not freaking out, not vowing never to purchase from the label again. Simply pointing something out that they may want to think about in the future.
    And the commonly accepted definition of LP is a full length album, so no, it wasn't "obvious". If it had been a 12" single would we be having this conversation?
    As I already said, this was a great value, I'm happy, just wanted to point it out.
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    chiefwahoo reacted to xfactor675 in YCR Mystery Box sale!   
    you got 4 records valued at 36 dollars for 20 dollars and still find a way to argue. wow. the LP here obviously (at least for me) meant a 12 inch record.
    (also: The LP (long play), or 33 1⁄3 rpm microgroove vinyl record, is a format for phonograph (gramophone) records, an analog sound storage medium.)

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