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Swans Vinyl Reissues

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1 hour ago, jonrawks said:

According to my notes, Great Annihilator was due out this week right?  I wouldn't be surprised if it had a delay due to RSD, but has anyone seen anything on it?

There have been pics of it on Young God for about a month now

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18 minutes ago, Twistedshabazz said:

i ordered this with the new live CD.  hope it comes soon!  there is no information on the website as to when they will ship the live CD

I listened to the digital of the live CD yesterday.  It's good and quite long :) First song is 45 minutes, haha

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This was included in today's email announcing a new book of stories for sale on the site:


"Soundtracks for the Blind is finished and is in the pipeline. It's taken forever to figure out the packaging and to master it properly. It will be available as a 4xVinyl set, as well as a 3xCD (the 3rd CD is the long out of print Die Tur Ist Zu). Release for Soundtracks will be in May. Die Tur Ist Zu will also be available soon as a limited 3 sided vinyl release, the 4th side being an etched graphic. It will be available for Record Store Day, April 21st in North America (Mute to release at a later date). "

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