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Now up for pre order is Bloom and Breathe from Gates on Pure Noise Records.



Pressing Info:
/200 Coke Bottle Green w/Grimace Purple & Oxblood Splatter

/300 Bone

/500 Milky Clear w/Electric Blue, Sea Blue, Kelly Green Heavy Splatter



There are a few bundle packages available as well.


New track "Not My Blood"


Track List:

1. Everything That Ever Has Been

2. Bloom

3. Persist in Delusion

4. Not My Blood

5. Light The First Page

6. The Thing That Would Save You

7. Nothing You’ll Miss

8. At Last the Loneliest of Them

9. Born Dead

10. Marrow

11. Low

12. Again at the Beginning

13. Everything That Always Will Be


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Hey everybody!  I'm so glad you're as excited as we are to finally release this record.


Just a heads up, I see some of you are concerned about us not doing a letterpress for the limited pressing since we're going through Pure Noise.


We will be doing something special again for the most limited release of the vinyl, so don't you worry.  It may not be letterpress but it will be just as awesome!


Thanks for the interest everyone, more info soon!

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