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The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

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Not vinyl related, but if you want a free wire tap for your home, eBay has a code for a free Google Home mini ($49). This in exchange for spending $150 with code PFREEMINI

Oh, don't forget to add it to your cart first. Sold directly by Skynet, err Google.

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from Luxury's facebook, the 12" bundle is steep for international customers at $297 shipped but for $25 us shipped you get 9 7", I purchased since I've wanted the westkust and makthaverskan ones for awhile and curious to check out some other artists


A little while ago we had a huge discount on a CD package. Now it’s time for a nice price on two different vinyl packages, one with 7” and one with 12”/LP.

The 12” package costs 200 euro within Sweden and 250 euro outside Sweden (incl shipping). That's for more than 25 records. The 7” package costs 20 euro, for 9 singles, incl shipping worldwide. Send money to [email protected] through PayPal. Write 12” or 7” as message, and your address, and I’ll send the records within a week. (Swish funkar också, 0736709198, skriv namn som meddelande och maila din adress)

The Tough Alliance - The New School LP
The Tough Alliance - Make it happen/Holiday LP
Westkust - JUNK EP 12” (US version)
Makthaverskan - II LP
Westkust - Last forever LP (US version)
Alice b - Så unga LP
School ’94 - Bound LP
HOLI - Drifting on a timeline LP
Guggi Data - Pop/Rock LP
It’s For Us - Come With Me LP
Makthaverskan - Ill LP
Luxury 2006-2016 - Rare tracks LP
Happy Hands Club - S/T 12”
Xenia Kriisin - Hymn 2LP
Katakomb - Giant
Anton Kristiansson - Fred på jorden LP
Palpitation - Palpitation LP
Palpitation - I’m absent, you’re faraway
Katakomb - Katakomb 12”
My Darling YOU! - Sorry 10”
Hagaliden - Dansa blodet 12”

Xenia Kriisin - Bleed 2LP

The first orders also get these titles, that are almost sold out: 
Bam Spacey - 1998 LP
My Darling YOU! - Techno music for the indiepop haters 12"
Pretties for you - We have our reasons LP
Skansros - Skansros

My Darling YOU! - Let the good times roll
Makthaverskan - Something more
Xenia Kriisin - Firearms
Agent blå - Strand
Franke - Skinnad
Westkust - Summer 3D
The Naima Train - Goodbye5times
Beluga - Beluga
Cave Cat - Deception


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1 hour ago, DealsOnVinyl said:


For some reason, this post made me think of that band The Fold, which I don't think were ever on Rise, and that made me think of the late 90s pop punk band Showoff and then I learned Showoff reunited and released their 2nd album and, first in 18 years, last year. What a wild ride.

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