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Sigur Rós - ágætis byrjun expanded limited edition

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Just got this email! WOW, I am so glad I didn't buy the recent vinyl re-issue...

Original text below ... trailer here


to mark its 16th birthday, a definitive, much expanded edition of ágætis byrjun is in the works for early summer. the deluxe boxset edition will feature previously unheard studio recordings and rare live versions from this pivotal period in the band's development, as well as a welter of photographic and documentary material from their personal archives and plenty more besides. it will be a beautiful thing to behold, and the last word in completist editions of sigur rós catalogue releases.

while we are still finalising design and content - and will share with you as soon as it's fixed - we wanted you to know about this now [as well as other expanded editions of von and ( )], since the band's first three albums have all just become available on re-mastered, heavyweight vinyl for the first time in ages. go either look for the vinyl reissues now, or hang on for something grander still.

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Knowing "expanded Sigur Ros" releases will be super expensive (and probably you'll have to switch/change records after one track), I'm still happy with my "regular" version...depending on the price, I might give it a thought!


That Kveikur box set was indeed very stupid. Usually on of the records ironically has a non-fill or a scratch and so you are stuck with the defect box because replacement is no different. Speaking from experience.

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Just an FYI


"at 21.00 gmt friday, to mark the 16th birthday of their second album, ágætis byrjun, sigur rós will be streaming the release day concert played at the icelandic opera house on june 12, 1999. unless you were there, this 1hr 40min never before heard concert, will be streamed through once in its entirety. exclusively via agaetis.sigur-ros.co.uk, at 21.00 Icelandic time (14.00 pst / 17.00 est / 22.00 bst / 23.00 cet / 06.00 jst), the same time as the original reykjavík show all those years ago.


newly mixed by the band’s kjartan sveinsson at sundlaugin studios, the 11-song set draws in equal amounts from ágætis byrjun and its 1997 predecessor von. it shows the band at a pivotal point in their development, a couple of months before they broke through on the international stage with the album’s first single, svefn-g-englar.


the opera house show also proved to be the last performance with drummer and founder member ágúst ævar gunnarsson, who would soon be replaced by orri páll dýrason.


live at the icelandic opera house will form part of a forthcoming deluxe vinyl box set edition of ágætis byrjun to follow later in the year."


Really excited for the box set.



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