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Neck Deep Warped Tour

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I've got a massive request. Neck Deep are doing different variants each week of Warped Tour for their new album. I doubt there will be many of these online after Warped tour and as I live in the UK I won't be able to go to any of the dates. I've made a list of states per week so anyone in the following states who would be willing to pick me up a copy would be a massive help!

week 1 -

Anchorage, AK

Pomona, CA

Mountain View, CA

Ventura, CA

Mesa, AZ

Albuquerque, NM

Oklahoma City, OK


Week 2 -

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

San Antonio, TX
Nashville, TN

Atlanta, GA

St Petersburg, FL

West Palm Beach, FL


Week 3 -

Orlando, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Charlotte, NC

Virginia Beach, VA

Pittsburgh, PA
Camden, NJ

Wantagh, NY


Week 4 -

Hartford, CT

Mansfield, MA

Darien Center, NY

Cincinnati, OH

Toronto, OH

Columbia, MD
Holmdel, NJ


Week 5 - 

Scranton, PA

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Detroit, MI

Chicago, IL

Shakopee, MN
Maryland Heights, MO

Milwaukee, WI


Week 6 - 

Noblesville, IN

Bonner Springs, KS
Salt Lake City, UT
Denver, CO

San Diego, CA
Portland, OR

Auburn, WA


I just need one person each week. Here's the post if you want to see for yourself 





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If anyone else wants, I can pick up another week 1, going to first day in Pomona. 

I've been wanting to start variant collecting a few albums but I think in my poor-man state I would rather just get as many different albums as possible. 

Also just FYI, from my experience it's not that bad buying vinyl at Warped if you're smart. Don't walk the records back out to your car (obviously) that will be the death of you. One year I simply asked to leave the records with pretty much every sound guy at every stage because they have like the only shade in existence. Another friend of mine also purchased them, and then asked if they could pick it up right when the tent was getting taken down. Another year I also just carried them around but inside my bag with a little battery powered fan. All three of those have worked quite well for me. 

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Wanted to update you guys on this.... If you can explain how to upload photos here I have the breakdown from their tent.

I went to the first day of Warped Tour and it made me pretty sad. The Warped Tour Variants are $30 each, why? Because you must buy them in a bundle with a T-Shirt. So if you want all 6 variants you'll also be getting 6 T-Shirts. They are all /350. The dates they are being sold at are as follows:

Yellow Cover: June 19-26
Orange? (Crown) Cover: June 26-July 3
Green Cover: July 3-10
Red? (Burning Building) Cover: July 10-17
Blue Cover: July 17-24
Light Blue Cover: July 24-August 8

In the end I didn't get one. Fine with my other pre-order variant.... 

On a much happier note, the alternative cover artwork for "Wishful Thinking" is on SALE! On Merchnow it's $25 ($30) with shipping. At the tour it's only $15. I still didn't have money for it, but that's a good deal. 

Last but not least, there should be videos of their set uploaded soon. They were the very first band to play. Some kids were upset because they missed it, but it was a damn good set to open the day. Enjoy!

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