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Phil Salazar

Limited Blood red vinyl / 200 copies only worldwide

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Rock band Eden Burning to release limited edition vinyl


Eden Burning is a hard rock band with a love for classic influences, but with a focus on an edgy, modern blend of sound.

Echoing the rock and roll grandeur of Led Zeppelin, as well as the stadium-sized melodies of Guns N Roses, Eden Burning are making their way through the music scene, one riff at a time. Their sound is as aggressive and potent as you would expect from your favorite rock bands, while maintaining a very melodic edge that shines a light on the skills and talents of these musicians, who have been in the game for quite some time now! 


One of the most striking things about the band’s distinctive sound, is the way the blend their classic hard rock vibes with a touch of 80s (think Motley Crue) and with shades of punk rock (Think Social Distortion), going for a very direct and personal sound.


The band is releasing a limited edition vinyl, featuring 200 copies of their recent work. The release, titled Banged Up N Dirty can be pre-ordered through the Crowd funding site ‘I Want My Vinyl’ @iwantmyvinyl.


Find out more and listen:

 HYPERLINK "https://iwantmyvinyl.com/record/eden-burning-banged-up-n-dirty" https://iwantmyvinyl.com/record/eden-burning-banged-up-n-dirty


 HYPERLINK "https://iwantmyvinyl.com/interviews/eden_burning/" https://iwantmyvinyl.com/interviews/eden_burning/



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I get you guys don't like newb posts and would prefer the focus to be on an artist not the colour but maybe you didn't hear this here vinyl is RED. Not even just red but BLOOD RED.  The music is edgy too according to the press release so you know it's gonna be that real shit!


Get hype!!!!!!

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300 copies of Perfect Pussy’s debut 2014 album were infused with the blood of singer Meredith Graves. She filled a jar with the red stuff, which was then mixed into the melted vinyl.




Over to you, guys.

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