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PO NOW: ISIS - Mosquito Control Reissue

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Looks like there are 4 different variants but a lack of pressing information. The "clear" variant is listed at $2-$3 more than the other 3 variants so I am assuming that is the most limited variant available. I am sure others will post more pressing quantity info as it is revealed. They also have some pretty cool shirts available as well! 

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1 minute ago, Secular Haze said:

Damn, thanks for making Monday the new Friday.  I'm digging all the variants, but the Clear w/ Red Smoke looks the most interesting.

Yeah, I like the clear w/ red smoke the best as well but ordered the clear instead hoping that was the most limited variant. Always difficult balancing limited quantity vs. cooler variant. 

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Those smoke variant mockups look like a kindergartener's photoshop attempt. I don't think they'll look like that as all of the mockups appear thrown together with stock photos of vinyl records. I'm willing to be they'll look more like the recent Deathwish, Inc. Converge records of similar description.


That said, I will have to pick this up eventually but I can't really do it right now. Glad to see this going down. Hopefully they do the same with SGNL>05 soon.

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54 minutes ago, KaitouG said:

BTW the pressing numbers are on the EU HHR site (https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/hydra-head-records/)


Clear - /200

Clear with Red Smoke - /300

Clear with Black Smoke - /500

Black - /1000

 The EU shop did a hell of a better job with this pre-order listing than the US Merch Table site.

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17 hours ago, jhulud said:

Welp. My clear copy arrived and it's got so much warp that I can start doing ollies & kickflips from its tail now.


SK8 or Die.

Ditto. Just picked mine up at the PO. Packaging is beautiful, record is crystal clear, and looks like a Pringle.  That’s exaggerated, but it’s unplayable. 


And it seems the the customer service link in my order email is broken. 

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