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PO: Cursive - Vitriola (10-5-18)

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39 minutes ago, seangj said:

Really like the new song. Wasn't that into the last album, but I ordered this right away after listening to "Life Savings".

Yup. Listened to the single since I hadn't really liked any Cursive past Ugly Organ, but immediately jumped on this after hearing it.

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2 minutes ago, veggiecorecords said:

^ depending on how limited the colored vinyl is I'm not sure that's a good plan...Cursive def. will sell more than Tim Kasher solo stuff. 

pretty sure it is 1000 on the color, and the price i am mentioning was that way almost immediately. this wasn't an amazon dump due to not selling. it was that low when it went up. just saying, i think you can wait until amazon lists this to make a decision.

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