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PO Soon: Less Than Jake - Anthem & B is for B Sides

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Might seem silly but I was totally into this before the preorder dropped and after seeing how the band and Smartpunk responded to everything, their attitude toward their fans, not being transparent and changing things up after the fact...it didn't sit well with me. So I canceled my preorder, and I feel great about that decision. 

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20 hours ago, snowynz said:

Nothing confirmed yet but its still in the works, Smartpunk are talking about limited merch items, screen printed posters or special limited records....

Special limited records seems a bit counter-intuitive right?

Like an extra 7" ? That would be a bit surprising. Can't even imagine what it would have if it's going to relate to Anthem/B-Sides. Maybe an acoustic 7" with the couple songs they released prior to the original B Is for B-Sides album release. I think it was Sleep It Off and Portrait of a Cigarette Smoker. 

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8 hours ago, NoFxpunkguy said:

I hope they make a limited resin evokid.   or something else super sweet.(resin firecracker and bee)  im not down for signed records.  I would rather get them in person from the band like all my others. 

I'd definitely take that over a signed or numbered jacket.

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