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PO: Masked Intruder - III

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5 hours ago, billya said:

Just lost the US indie in my cart at BullMoose. Has anyone in the states ordered from Banquet lately? My friends and I ordered the last Julien Baker record from them and they came in super beat up.

I ordered a few times from them years ago and remember getting the records in either a super flimsy mailer or an envelope. Then again almost every order I've gotten from the UK has been like this.

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51 minutes ago, thepunkguy said:

why yikes at the price?

it's free shipping, it comes w/ a slipmat and a screened alt cover for like 37.50 bucks  shipped.




Free shipping $35 shipped.


17 minutes ago, curator said:

If that’s your thing.. seems like a lot :rolleyes:

I mean it sucks that you have to buy a bundle, but an $18 record + slipmat (~$10) + screenprint + shipping $4 is actually a good deal.

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