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PO Soon :Emery - I'm Only A Man (Vinyl)

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11 minutes ago, drawcody said:

Looks like Emery is finally pressing this funky album! Preorders start July 15th! It's still one of my favorite albums and I'm glad they're finally putting it on wax!







They said they can’t get rights for the original recordings, so this pressing is a re-recording.

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1 minute ago, Derek™ said:

Whack album.  I remember even at peak Emery love I never really clicked with this one.

When I think back on it, i'm really surprised I liked this album so much. It was such a departure from their previous music. Still holds a special place in my heart. Especially From Crib To Coffin! 

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10 hours ago, WatchmakerRecordCompany said:

They said they can’t get rights for the original recordings, so this pressing is a re-recording.

 Either they must have been unhappy with the pressings of the their previous two albums from Tooth & Nail, understandably, or the label had no interest in pressing what is widely considered their worst album, which also makes sense. 


8 hours ago, copelandkid said:

i like a few songs off this one. Party Song is vibes. really respect them making it, even if it never quite worked for me.

My least listened to album of theirs by far, but You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change) is a top 10 Emery track.

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This album aged well for me. Didn't really enjoy it much when it first came out. It had a few decent songs but nothing that really pulled me in. Through the years though I've found myself coming back to it a lot. Espcecially here lately.


I'll give props to Emery for doing something different at the time though. After the huge success that was The Question I think fans were looking forward to something that built upon that album and that is def not what Emery did. They kind of went the opposite way. It's always a toss up for bands following a record like that. They succeeded where alot of bands fail in that "sophomore slump" and made an album that was incredible. The Question is still one of my favorite albums but I'm Only A Man was a pretty big flop at the time and the band themselves will even tell you that. The stories behind the making of the album are pretty hilarious. Especially from Toby's point of view. Apparently they missed out on a huge contract too.


The musical aspect of this album is awesome. They were doing some really interesting stuff. It's also a bit "theatrical" to me and that's probably why I didn't enjoy it as much back then. Very story driven and dramatic in a way.


I'll 100% pick up a copy of this. Only thing I'm worried about is the re-recording aspect. Hopefully they keep that same energy and it stays at the same level of production. It could potentially change the album a bit. 

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1 hour ago, mmhmm said:

I asked a couple friends who are big Emery fans about their thoughts on a re-recorded version of this album and they both said they loved the album but the guitar tones on the original version were terrible, and we're looking forward to hearing an updated version with better tones. 

oh that's interesting. i for one specifically loved the guitar tones on the OG recording. went back and relistened yesterday, and honestly Party Song is just a wild trip of really unique guitar ideas and tones. very curious to hear the new version now. 

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Very intrigued by this. Doubt I'll pick it up as I too belong to the this album is kinda wack crowd, but I am extremely curious about the re-record. I think there are some really great nuggets happening on this record, but they're dropped between some just really unappealing stuff. I doubt they'll be too revisionist, but this could possibly end up making it a more consistent album. If nothing else, I've always hated how the vocals were mixed, so maybe it'll fix that.

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