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  1. Wow. This didn't sell out instantly?
  2. I think I would even hesitate if this was $20 and on some new cool variant I've never seen before.
  3. Is the vinyl vip package really $40 more than the regular vip package?
  4. Holy crap. First listen of this was terrible. I don't even think it will have a chance to grow on me.
  5. I don't think it was meant to go up today. Maybe at midnight.
  6. it's unavailable now but does anyone have any Feb coupon codes?
  7. I can't get into this album at all. Every since he started The Wilderness, I've been disappointed. Bummed because I love Andrew.
  8. Still waiting for the red vinyl to become available outside of the bundle.
  9. C&C variant cost about $5 more for some reason.
  10. @justindinealone http://dinealonerecords.com/pressing/ is in need of a major update.