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  1. Touché Amoré is up on Discogs for $34.99+$4.00 shipping.
  2. Went to 5 record stores looking for Touché Amoré. No one had it. If anyone sees it, help this brother out!!
  3. PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    I don't know why, but I feel guilty for liking this. Ordered the bundle w/ the black shirt.
  4. I'm not a psychiatrist, but based on the way Nicole has been acting for over a year now, I'd think it is safe to say that she is sick mentally. Crucifying her over every little thing (this is not little, but in the past she's shown a pattern) is a little bit harsh. I wish she would (maybe she already is) seek help for some of her issues because she's digging herself a deep hole. If anybody knows her personally, it is beyond time to ask her to seek help. I know, as somebody with a severe mental illness, it is hard to get out of the sickness. There are times when I act in a way that is detrimental to everyone around me and during these times I need people around me to sort of babysit me. Maybe she needs the same.
  5. Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    I'm also porn free. Who's looking at porn on their cell phone, anyways?
  6. Is anybody else having trouble with the mobile version of the boards? About 5 seconds after I load up the site, a popup takes over and its supposedly Walmart or Youtube. I know better than to click on the ads, but they don't even let you hit the back button and go back to the site. I have to reload the site. It's completely unusable. Happens with Chrome and the default browser. I downloaded Norton and everything came up clean. No viruses on my phone. Is anyone else having these problems?? (I know this could go in the support section of the forums but I wanted people to actually see it.)
  7. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    I'm also looking for this Olive variant. If any Canadians have an opportunity to pick one up for me, I'm good for the money!
  8. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    If anybody is willing to part with the orange Deluxe edition, please keep me in mind.
  9. ugh!! . . . . . . . It's growing on me... . . . . . The songs are getting stuck in my head...
  10. Good luck... I've been trying for years to get my hands on a couple Pentimento variants. If you find anyone, I'd like to speak with them. Good luck! Did I wish you luck? I don't remember.
  11. PO-Knuckle Puck-Shapeshifter (10-13-17)

    Hey Andrew, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have now been made aware that the factory that pressed the vinyl made a mistake. The pressing that you received is the only pressing of this album. We apologize for this mistake. The pressing information is still the same on this record, the color was just listed wrong. If you do not want to keep this vinyl, I can send you a return label and offer you a refund for the cost of the item. Thanks, Customer Service
  12. PO-Knuckle Puck-Shapeshifter (10-13-17)

    They never replied to me. I just checked this morning to see if there was any more pressing information and I noticed that they changed it. It's not a big deal.
  13. I made it through the whole album while reading along with the lyrics. Every time Spencer screamed a little bit I kept telling myself that I wanted more but more never came. If this was any other band I don't think that I would give it another chance.
  14. PO-Knuckle Puck-Shapeshifter (10-13-17)

    Looks like they updated the pressing info from Coke Bottle Clear to Maroon. PRESSING INFORMATION First Press: 1000 - Half Maroon / Half Bone *Features B-Side Etching