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  1. Careful with those Odelays. There is a known batch of the VMP bourbons with terrible surface noise.
  2. I thought it was kind of "meh" after my first listen. Definitely some stand out tracks, but as a whole, I'd say it's average. I need more time with it. The album will likely grow on me. But nothing on there really shook me like Futureworld, Brokendate, VHS sex, and the other solid tracks from GM. I think the new album is better than ID, but not as solid throughout as GM or Cyanide Sis. Those are just my initial impressions. I look forward to spending much more time with the album. The pressing from Ghostly looks high quality. Nice package overall, haven't listened to the LPs yet though.
  3. Try this: http://getmy.media/TheDaysWeHad
  4. Well, that's lame. Sorry.
  5. Day Wave - The Days We Had http://getmy.media/thedayswehad GMFb4qPh Mac Demarco - This Old Dog capturedtracks.bandcamp.com/yum e8yr-6kvh Sylvan Esso - What Now www.dropcards.com/vinyl K7TWFWYT9Y Slowdive http://download.deadoceans.com DOC132.1KDZXTX
  6. I ask because Com and Clark had two small merch tables that were split apart slightly. I only went over to the Com table and inquired about the 12inch split vinyl. the guy said they were sold out. I wonder if he misunderstood me and thought I was just asking about any Com vinyl in general. And maybe that night they were selling the split at the Clark table? I didn't even look at Clark's table after the guy said they were sold out. Seems strange they would have multiple copies of the split at the Dallas show a few nights later. Maybe they reupped. Ahh, whatever. I missed my opportunity and have a gap in my Com vinyl discography now. I'll live.
  7. Just curious, did you buy the vinyl from the Com merch table or from Clark's?
  8. Looks like there is only 4 shows left on the tour after KC. I was mistaken thinking they were halfway through. I guess it's not that unusual to have sold everything off by now, especially the vinyl split with Clark.
  9. Nick, Are these splits gone gone? Or do they simply need to restock before they finish the tour? It's kind of disappointing that they would just sell them all out in the first half of the tour. Last night, Com's merch table was selling only one shirt. Felt bad for the guy sitting there selling the shirt.
  10. "A good traveler has no fixed plans... and is not intent upon arriving."
  11. CT went first, started at 845. Played an hour, The opener Roland Tings dropped off the tour. CT was excellent tonight. My third time seeing him live.
  12. Ooh sweet. $100 on discogs. Totally reasonable.
  13. Tour vinyl Com/Clark split was sold out and unavailable at the Kansas City show tonight. Lame. Guess I'll have to pay flipper prices.
  14. I wanna see the 8 track player they sent out.