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  1. There are three variants available for each of those Far albums. Look at Discogs. The vinyl is definitely out there. https://www.discogs.com/artist/289227-Far
  2. Lost Songs was pressed. http://bigschoolrecords.limitedrun.com/products/552878-the-appleseed-cast-lost-songs-lp-cst
  3. Where do you get your data? Did you do a poll? Seems like a broad generalization to me.
  4. I received my yellow/pink version today with the yellow flexi. You all will be very pleased. J. Noise and R. Edwards really went all out with this album. The pressing looks great. It's pressed at 45rpm (bonus!), comes in a thick gatefold with a lyric sheet that doubles as a poster, and the wav downloads are 24bit-96kHz. Those 24bit-96kHz files are just the icing on the cake.
  5. Sweet. I'll grab this once it hits Amazon.
  6. Rage Against The Machine - Battle of LA MOV pressing The XX - Self titled Bonobo - Migration The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi import Mogwai - Zidane
  7. He's right. Use this code: Http://fbuy.me/fgkDs
  8. I'm covered. Thanks ya 'll.
  9. Someone PM me a refferal code. I am gonna sign up for Demon Days.
  10. Spent some time with this album, it's pretty blah. A few tracks are quite excellent. Let's hope it grows on me.
  11. Sounds pretty good. No inner groove distortion. Little be of sibilance on the vocals, for me.
  12. By the way, AAEA is not cut at 45rpm. They are 33s. Discogs is wrong. Or I misread the discogs listing. Disappointing!
  13. S-98587 B0025531-01-A Then what appears to be a little CB logo. Not sure about that though.