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  1. If you're down with gourmet donuts, Jelly Modern Donuts is just up the road too. Delicious!
  2. If you're down with gourmet donuts, Jelly Modern Donuts is just up the road too. Delicious!
  3. It's been so long since I ordered, I cannot recall what variant I purchased.
  4. Sloth Records in Calgary was a smallish shop I enjoyed. Last time I was there the Canadian dollar was only $0.70 to $1 USD, so prices were good. Plus they had a lot of European titles that would be imports regularly in the US at inflated prices, but we're normally priced in Canada.
  5. What's the verdict? B+? I love all their releases, but am surprisingly not rushing out the door to buy this album. thanks for the stream link.
  6. 5 tracks into this album and really enjoying it. Glad they are back with new material after 7 years.
  7. Meant to answer you. Mine sounds excellent. Clean and quiet pressing. Looks like black glass. Beautiful.
  8. On my birthday a few weeks ago, HHV sent me a "5 euros off" voucher for my next purchase. I'm not going to use the code. Someone can have it for the Radiohead vinyl. The code is: BIRTHDAY-267VHM Hope it works.
  9. If it uses the same plates as the Fat Possum reissue, it will likely sound like garbage. I have the OP and the FP reissue. The reissue is laden with inner groove distortion and other surface noise. It's a shame because Simply Beautiful is an incredible song.
  10. Opinions needed: I have a Ikea 2x4 cube record shelf which I lay on its side. I put my turntable, receiver, tape deck, etc. on top. The 8 cubes are completely full of records, and it seems pretty sturdy. I also have a 1x4 Ikea cube shelf, mostly full as well. I'm curious what you all think, good or bad idea, to place the 1x4 on top of the 2x4 to make it a 3x4 and then place my receiver and turntable etc on top of that. I would secure the two shelfs together with some metal bracing and screws. I'm mostly worried about it collapsing. My receiver does weigh like 40lbs and all those records.
  11. My Fiona showed up with a nice fat gouge on track 1 of side D. Also, the jacket is once again very tight. Cannot seem to get the records back in easily.
  12. I understand that, but the particular one in this track is new, or only used in their recent material. I could be wrong.
  13. I think that synth you speak of must be new to the band, because they use it on Atomic as well. This was supposed to quote Derek's previous post.
  14. Digging the single.
  15. Is there a full stream available on a free site (i.e., not Spotify or Apple or whatever people use these days)?