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  1. I've never listened to Demon Days. Who wants to touch me?
  2. "Limited Blood" would have been a cooler band name. Also, welcome to VC. Lurk more, post less.
  3. Red still available at Bull Moose for a stupid low price: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/24503980/power-trip-nightmare-logic-translucent-red-indie-exclusive
  4. Mac gets spicy:
  5. Mark is the one who broke me of my collecting OCD. I have at least one copy of everything he has done up to and including Benji. I have come to terms with knowing it will never be complete, because I just can't do the new stuff.
  6. Album stream: http://www.npr.org/2017/01/23/510577610/first-listen-ty-segall-ty-segall
  7. These are on Bull Moose. Description on BM goes into detail: Emperor's back catalogue has been re-mastered by Turan Audio with full guidance from the band, all vinyl art work being carefully restored to how it originally came out as replicas of the 1st pressings of each album by “Dan Capp” Design & illustration to create beautiful vinyl reissues. IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE is the bands 1st album, and takes on the full symphonic sound that they were best known for.
  8. Been listening to that Vektor A LOT! Also the new Witchery album.
  9. Is that really the box cover art? Damn, that's unattractive.
  10. Yeah man, that was a scary 8 seconds... Refund? What refund? Nooooo....ooOOOK.
  11. Me too. That was a nice surprise.
  12. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Vinyl-Films-Records-10-Box-Set/release/7012523
  13. For anyone interested, my buddy sped up some tracks to 125% and re-uploaded them to YT. ManUnkind https://youtu.be/Mu4gv9n4q1Q Am I Savage https://youtu.be/M_Ruhgxb6DM Revenge https://youtu.be/eHNYoI2yfV8 ManUnknind https://youtu.be/Mu4gv9n4q1Q Murder One https://youtu.be/Aa-QxL1wu_Y Atlas Rise https://youtu.be/t1hZ2gfc6Zs Spit out the Bone https://youtu.be/BAx_gPvioX8 Dream no more https://youtu.be/uPwQiguRIG8 Moth into Flame https://youtu.be/dSvg5DdDpNs