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  1. Yeah, I have some old Plan 9 records that you can actually see through.
  2. New Rossen track is dreamy.
  3. Rad video. Boring song.
  4. Based on the tracks they have streamed, I think a companion story book makes a lot of sense this time. There is a lot of talking.
  5. 5'11' 170. LARGE SAMMICHES.
  6. Hey!! ...we're not ugly.
  7. cat.jpg taylorswift.gif
  8. This should have been the lead single:
  9. Earcahe: 29.99 http://uswebstore.earache.com/celtic-frost-morbid-tales-vinyl?search=celtic frost http://uswebstore.earache.com/celtic-frost-to-mega-therion-vinyl?search=celtic frost http://uswebstore.earache.com/celtic-frost-into-the-pandemonium-vinyl?search=celtic frost FYI, looks like Kreator is getting a smilier treatment. http://uswebstore.earache.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=kreator
  10. I worked at a shitty venue in Pittsburgh (Graffiti), 1993-1995. Helmet played. I was parking cars for patrons that night. Out in the lot, all by my lonesome, all I could hear was the drums, going absolute ape shit. It was seriously insane. I've been a fan ever since.
  11. Question for the metal dudes. Where do ya'll get quality 50/50 band tees? Most distros I see are using crappy FOTL or Hanes.
  12. Dark Souls is pretty much my most favorite thing ever made by humans, but if they just slap the crappy box art on this, I will be super bummed.
  13. Super fun video: