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clintonsbeard clintonsbeard 08/10/2012 Solid seller. Easy commuincation and fast shipping. Would work with again Brock N Roll Brock N Roll
xbillyx xbillyx 08/10/2012 Great dude! Worked out a solid deal and posted heaps quickly dmarks dmarks
x888x x888x 08/10/2012 Packed well and shipped quick, cool dude! dmarks dmarks
tokimedo tokimedo 08/09/2012 awesome buyer. was very patient when I had a small delay in shipping. derkwithano derkwithano
sjb2k1 sjb2k1 08/09/2012 Ordered from Hot Topic and shipped to Canada. Packaged amazing. Thank you!! dethrock dethrock
thewmatic thewmatic 08/09/2012 in a mailer with bubble wrap. well done mattalica17 mattalica17
problemchild problemchild 08/08/2012 great buyer no problems enjoy the records man XDrugFreePrideX XDrugFreePrideX
mindovermatter mindovermatter 08/08/2012 Great buyer! Fast payment and good communication. seangj seangj
swisherprice swisherprice 08/07/2012 Excellent seller. Vinyl arrived in perfect condition and as stated A++ FlippingOut FlippingOut
MichaelJacksonJihad MichaelJacksonJihad 08/07/2012 Good seller, fast shipping and great stuff underdog underdog
KelleySaturday KelleySaturday 08/07/2012 Very good seller, fast international delivery cjacksonn cjacksonn
FlippingOut FlippingOut 08/07/2012 awesome trader. fast shipping from the states to Australia affadavit affadavit
ronniegwilliams ronniegwilliams 08/07/2012 Awesome buyer. Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the records! robotfactory robotfactory
robotfactory robotfactory 08/07/2012 great seller, quick communication, buy his stuff! ronniegwilliams ronniegwilliams
zeekanchors zeekanchors 08/07/2012 great packing, quick shipping. all around good dude ozfacter ozfacter
sjb2k1 sjb2k1 08/06/2012 Awesome seller. Great communication. Backed! GradedOnACurve GradedOnACurve
affadavit affadavit 08/06/2012 Shipped from Australia very fast. Worked out a trade for a very rare variant! A+ FlippingOut FlippingOut
jase jase 08/06/2012 A+ to you, good sir! yanquiuxo yanquiuxo
moonbeams moonbeams 08/06/2012 Great seller! lomapotato lomapotato
cadetapplesauce cadetapplesauce 08/06/2012 Solid dude, packed records well! papermonsters papermonsters
raindownonme23 raindownonme23 08/06/2012 Safely packaged, fast shipping. Great seller. comesatime comesatime
tonyregret tonyregret 08/06/2012 Super solid dude. Quick payment! aaronx aaronx
SeeMoreGlass SeeMoreGlass 08/06/2012 Killer buyer. Speedy payment and a pleasure to do business with! aaronx aaronx
lomapotato lomapotato 08/06/2012 Good Buyer - solid communication aaronx aaronx
lomapotato lomapotato 08/06/2012 Good Buyer - solid communication aaronx aaronx
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