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  1. Well the OG Deluxe had separate artwork, so it probably wasn’t as simple as just copying the gatefold. But I agree that a 2xLP release should be gatefold. No matter how sturdy or solid quality a sleeve is, 2 records in one always seems like too much. I’m glad to hear this pressing sounds good though. May have to pick this up to compare to my OG deluxe.
  2. Was just wondering why the other day their best record is the only one without a vinyl pressing.
  3. I’m thinking maybe the manufacturer pressed more than 80 by mistake. Doesn’t make sense to press more of a variant when none of the other variants are even close to selling out.
  4. dapeebs

    Emery The Weaks End Reissue

    Had that press for a while, and from what I remember it sounded great. Not gonna waste my money on any sub-par press, as has been T&N recent track history, but if they ever press In Shallow Seas We Sail, I don’t know if I’d be able to hold out.
  5. dapeebs

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    They just put a few copies up of the deluxe edition on bandcamp for anyone who missed out: https://nothing.bandcamp.com/album/dance-on-the-blacktop
  6. dapeebs

    (PO) TTNG - Animals Acoustic

    Not sure how I’m gonna feel about hearing these songs without Stu. Probably still gonna grab this and catch a date, one of my all time favorite albums. EDIT: OK TOUR AND ALBUM ARE WITH STU I COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED
  7. Oso Oso I’m looking for one of the first presses or the pink tour press. Vein I’m looking for any first press copy. Hit me up if you’re looking to sell or if you wanna see my collection if interested in a trade. Thanks!
  8. That’s actually not a bad idea. Hometown show, last stop of the tour, last show ever? Yeah I have no doubt that show would be incredible.
  9. I’m hoping for some Sharks Keep Moving and State Route 522.
  10. Worst fucking news of the summer. Definitely gonna try to catch the NY and/or NJ date.
  11. $31 shipped and a November release date sucks, but after hearing the TTNG similarities and when that trumpet kicked in, I knew I had to grab this.
  12. dapeebs

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I think the only album of theirs that rivals it is Devil and God.
  13. dapeebs

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Yeah i thought it was weird that they popped up without anything else going on. Oh well.
  14. dapeebs

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I thought so too but then I found this https://imgur.com/gallery/RhJYkHC