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  1. Agreed. They went with a more "party" vibe after Planet of Ice. I still only like half of Omni and really haven't warmed up to VOIDS, but Infinity Overhead is awesome. It mixes their old style so well with the newer sound.
  2. Glad to see these getting repressed! I did not like post Planet of Ice albums for the longest but I have just started recently listening to Infinity Overhead and my god has my opinion changed. That album is right up there with Planet of Ice and Menos el Oso.
  3. I think I still like the half/half better. Matches the artwork more as well. Way too many swirls lately have been underwhelming, more aside/bside with very little of the secondary color.
  4. On Sale Friday 6/4 at Noon ET: Harvard - The Inevitable and I Enjoy The Ride Records is happy to announce the repress of Harvard's 2009 album, The Inevitable and I. Recorded at Salad Days Studios and produced by Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Thrice, Senses Fail, Emarosa), this album is very important in the Enjoy The Ride Records discography, as its Enjoy The Ride's first release on the label. In the early inception of Enjoy The Ride, the vision was to sign up-and-coming artists and release their music to the world. As time progressed, it led us down the road to eventually become
  5. Those alternate covers look awesome. Been meaning to sign up for their patreon for a while, now I have a reason.
  6. Yeah I'm hoping these two singles are just to grab attention. They're both actually really solid, just hope some of the songs are in a more interesting direction. I feel like being signed to a label has to limit your artistic freedom to a certain extent. While yes, Rise may not have interfered in their sound, being on a label must set a certain level of expectation that you will be popular. Which in turn leads bands to "dumb" down their sound to better appeal to a wider audience. While it seems like Spiritbox can pull off a variety of different sounds, I have a feeling a good half of
  7. Really hoping this album delivers. I dig Circle with Me but the new single has me fearing the complete sterilization of sound that Rise seems to have on new bands.
  8. I mean, I would much rather be in Scotland if I had the choice! Sounds like a blast. I still have yet to see these guys live, The Space should be so cool to watch them play. I can only imagine if they played in the basement of the house next door they use to do shows out of 😄
  9. https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/b/if-these-trees-could-talk
  10. I am so fucking excited for this to come out. I have been nonstop jamming YAOMM and Prefrontal Cortex lately. They've been teasing new material FOREVER. Hope it delivers.
  11. Damn that hurt. Been waiting on Deloused for too long to miss out on it though. Curious to see if these make it to my local shop.
  12. Looks like Aaron Marsh is putting out another EP and releasing them both on to a single piece of black wax: https://shop-benchmark.com/collections/glaswing/products/glaswing-vinyl-lp Anyone who loved Blushing will like this. Piano driven, with a heavy lean into electronics. Less atmosphere and little more disjointed than Blushing, but still a solid tide over until the next Copeland release.

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