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  1. KingTacoMunster

    FS: Added More Records, willing to make deals!

  2. KingTacoMunster

    FS: Added More Records, willing to make deals!

    lets make some deals happen
  3. KingTacoMunster

    FS: Added More Records, willing to make deals!

  4. KingTacoMunster

    More noise than usual?

    I saw/thought about a zerostat gun but was hoping it would be a cheaper option TBH but may have to...
  5. Recently, Ive noticed my records/system are more noisy with static and/or pops than it used to be. It kinda seems like static has built up in my setup as opposed to the records themselves being "bad pressings". Like I can lower the arm down and as I get closer to the record I can hear the noise/static before the needle hits the record. Anyone experience this? Not sure if its mainly my needle or something else. Its becoming pretty annoying. Any help would be great, thanks. (TT is a project essential 2)
  6. KingTacoMunster

    FS: Added More Records, willing to make deals!

  7. Price includes shipping, will hook it up if youre buying multiple, help me clear some room/fund something for my kids 1. Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino (Clear) Sealed $18 2. As I Lay Dying – Frail Words Collapse (Orange-Brown with black swirls/300/USA exclusive) $30 3. Author & Punisher – Beastland (Blue/300) $24 PENDING 4. Birds In Row “We Already Lost The World” (Coke Bottle Clear) $20 5. Bird Eater “Dead Mothers Make The Sun Set” $16 (2 bleeding through albums for $36 or all 4 for $70) 6. Bleeding Through “Portrait of the Goddess” (Clear) $20 7. Bleeding Through “The Great Fire” (Clear/Orange Crush with Red Splatter) $20 8. Bleeding Through “Bleeding Through” (Clear/Gold Split with Purple Splatter) $20 9. Bleeding Through “Love Will Kill All” (Red) $20 (Both Boy Rex for $20 shipped) 10. Boy Rex “The Bloodmonths” (Red) $12 11. Boy Rex “Better Vision” (Coke Bottle Clear with Blue Smoke) $12 12. Cypress Hill “Black Sunday” (180 Gram/2xLP) $22 13. Frank Zappa – Overnite Sensation (Reissue) $18 14. Ghost “Prequelle” (Coke Clear/Indie Exclusive) $20 15. Great American Ghost – Hatred Stems From The Seed (Blue with black splatter/250) $24 (both Harms Way for $30) 16. Harms Way “Rust” (Cloudy Clear/707/1st Press) $12 17. Harms Way “Posthuman” (White with Black Marble) $22 18. HIM “Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666” $15 (both Houndmouth albums for $20) 19. Houndmouth “Litte Neon Limelight” $16 20. Houndmouth “Sedona” (45rpm/Pic Disc/1800) $8 (Both Posture albums for $24) 21. Posture & The Grizzly “Busch Hymns” (Mint Green) $10 22. Posture & The Grizzly “I Am Satan” (Half Green Half Milky Clear with Oxblood Splatter) $20 23. Stereophonics “You Gotta Go There To Come Back” $16 A perfect circle – mer de noms (2xLP/Reissue) Sealed $24 Audioslave – S/T (Reissue) $22 Sealed The Chariot – Long Live (Yellow/Smartpunk Exclusive/200) $25 Great American Ghost – S/T (Blue/150) $14 Incubus – Make Yourself (Reissue) $25 Kublai Khan – New Strength (Orange - Black/250) $20 Kublai Khan – Nomad (Yellow – Black/300/1st press) $20 Queens of the Stone Age – Villains (Indie/7000) $22 The Strokes “Is This It” $16
  8. Got this today, stoked to give it a spin. Info is not on discogs yet to log so if I get time I’ll try to do it tonight
  9. *answered my own question*
  10. KingTacoMunster

    Left Behind - Blessed by the Burn

    cool, ill try looking again for the white with haze numbers.