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PO Now: AFI - Fly in the Ointment 7" 20 Year Anniversary Edition

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"Wedge Records is very proud to announce the 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY reissue of AFI’s Fly In The Ointment 7”!

This special Collector’s Edition will be released on March 31st, 2015, exactly 20 years from the original release date in 1995!

We aren't giving away any of the details yet. All we can tell you is that the record is being pressed from the ORIGINAL stampers from 1995 and that we're doing it on a whole new COLORED VINYL with updated cover art and packaging! There will also be plenty of extra fun surprises included with this edition that will all be exclusive to this record. Sorry, no other details will be revealed until the release date.

ONLY available from Wedge Records directly.

ONE copy per person.

Pre-order NOW to reserve yours!


Theory of Revolution 
Cruise Control 
Crop Tub 
Open Your Eyes (Circus Tents cover)

Wedge Records #1

Follow @WedgeRecords"


20 bucks.... eh

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20 dollars for a 7? Vinyl has officially jumped the shark.

If only this was the first $20 7".

$20 7" records are so fucking punk rock.

Yeah, AFI are so punk rock.
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Got my copy in today. Haven't spun it yet. Came with a buncha buttons, stickers, & needless BS. 3D cover is kinda cool, I guess. Not really worth $20 IMHO. Oh well, live and learn.


To each their own, I guess.  This is insanely cool.  Hope more pop up.  If not I feel like I'll be paying somebody more than $20 than this like a sucker.

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