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PO: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless and Isn't Anything

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https://www.juno.co.uk/products/my-bloody-valentine-loveless-deluxe/821851-01/   $39 shipped to the states

I’m not sure if they were trying to send the message of “here you go have three you baby” or if they genuinely thought “if we throw 3 into the same box surely one of them won’t get beat up, right?”.

These reissues have rolled out with all the smoothness and clarity I've come to expect from My Bloody Valentine...

44 minutes ago, robes said:

Please note that initially when these went up, they were charging $20 to ship the bundle, now it somehow turned into $36, which is a bit dubious. 

Understood, totally not saying it doesn't suck...i'm just hoping we realize it's not a shady move or anything. The pain is felt by others when something is exclusive to the US.

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I emailed them about increased shipping when I went to place my order.


They said it was due to increased fulfillment prices, shipping costs, etc.


It was bs but I kinda read into it thinking it was going to get here priority. 


Mine shipped on 15th and nothing.

My dead vibrations records from fuzz club shipped on 19th.


Seeing which gets here first

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Just now, JustSchwimmer said:

That would be a 3 pound package then...

I know, we posted at the same time I wasn't replying to you. That's 3 double LPs these are 2  single LP packages so they def shouldn't weigh the same. Two 180 gram records are about .80lbs and theyre heavier than the jacket so that still wouldn't explain it.

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Certainly not trying to start anything here and I certainly agree that the shipping price sucks, I've just had the experience reversed and quoted actual shipping costs from the states to various countries overseas and was accused of gouging when I was quoting actual cost.


Nonetheless I'm super excited for these and can't wait to get them in hand!

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5 hours ago, JustSchwimmer said:

Royal Mail for 3 pounds to the USA is £17.20 or $24.44, again I'm not saying I like it I just think it's an accurate reflection of the cost they are paying. 

Even then, let's say you add on $1 for the price of a mailer and packing per order, it's still about $10 less than what they are charging. 


I totally get how overseas shipping can sometimes be crazy expensive, especially being in Canada where it sometimes costs an arm and leg to send something overseas. But something doesn't add with this scenario, especially given the above example, and also the fact that they aren't using the extra $$$ to ship this express or with any tracking, since it's taking a while to get to North America. 

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On 1/31/2018 at 3:50 PM, robes said:

Please note that initially when these went up, they were charging $20 to ship the bundle, now it somehow turned into $36, which is a bit dubious. 

I'm saying.  I was going to order it yesterday to end the wait for this to be available states side and noticed the shipping cost almost as much as the record.  Not going to to do it.  

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