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PO: CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead (May 25th)

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I liked his first two songs on the other albums, but am not a fan of the one here. I definitely need to relisten to this a lot more, but my first impressions are that its the weakest of the three albums, but still not bad. I think its something about like every chorus being super repetitive and/or going on for too long? like most of the choruses repeat one word a fuck ton of times and it doesnt really connect or be as catchy as they think its supposed to be? unsure. I do like the fact that they have drums now. oh and the momentum of the record really dies around the track 9 zone for me. could have cut 10 11 12 and skipped straight to wonderland. 

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On 5/24/2018 at 2:09 PM, JohnMatrix said:

The album is very good although I really wish they'd stop letting the one guy have a song on every album. Always a snoozefest

I'm with you.  His songs are the ones I like the least.  Overall this album hasn't quite hooked me, but it took quite a few listens for me to warm up to the last one too.

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16 hours ago, Chr15a113n said:

Seriously, Martin’s song on this album is one of my top 3 favorites. I don’t think we’re alone in saying this because the last time I saw them play the crowd was most excited for Under The Tide. 

Yeah I've seen them twice and both times everyone went apeshit for Under the Tide and/or High Enough to Carry You Over (depending on when the show was).


So far, my least favorite songs on this album are the ones they put out as singles. The album tracks overall do it for me much more.

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