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PO Now: The National - I Am Easy To Find

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Based off these two tracks and the clip of studio Rylan, this one is shaping up to be another Trouble Will Find Me style collection of straightforward decent/dope songs. I’m also kind of stoked at the destinct  lack of High Violet EPICNESS for a third album in a row. If this band retires with England and Vanderlyle being their most pandering big arena tracks, I will start calling up local trophy shops and getting quotes for a “best/most consistent rock band of my generation” plaque.

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This is crazy. How are Alligator and Boxer not the interchangeable 1&2. Both are unfuckwithable 

Cherry Tree members log in and check out the club exclusive vinyl and shirts.

Humiliation is the best National song that no one ever thinks about though. If I was in a band and we were on a National tribute album that’s the song I’d pick to make people think we were really cool

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Just back from the Paris show tonight. Stunning. 


As well as justifying the £50 Cherry Tree outlay last year (I used the CT early pre-order link to get tickets and, despite the lottery, ended up dead-centre in the third row), the new material is excellent. 


They screened the movie, did a short Q&A, and then played the album through in full (I think). I’m really excited to hear the album now.  


Anyone who’s heading out to the later shows, enjoy.  

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7 minutes ago, Kanye West said:

Did they not play any other songs? I was hoping for some deep cuts. 

You Had Your Soul With You

Quiet Light

Roman Holiday


The Pull of You

Hey Rosey

I Am Easy to Find

Where Is Her Head

So Far, So Fast

Hairpin Turns


Light Years




Not in KansaS (Live debut)

Bloodbuzz Ohio

I Need My Girl

Guilty Party

Fake Empire


Not shabby at all.

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was at the Beacon theater show last night. not in kansas sounds great indeed. my takeaway from the new album is, like the band said, lots of female singing & strings. not sure if the songs were arranged the same way as the actual album, but i can't wait til it drops.


does anyone know anything about the after-show party last night? what's the about and how did one get a pass for that? is that a cherry tree thing?

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Great show last night and just randomly ran into the band in the lobby of my midtown office building (also home to Sirius, which is what I suspect they were there for). Always nice when the universe smiles on you like that!


Seeing the film also made me glad I bought the deluxe with the score. Will be nice to have those different arrangements. 

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5 hours ago, duckydan said:

you guys are getting me excited for the toronto show tomorrow night!! :D

it's different. it's not a typical "The National" show. It's a sit-down much more reserved experience, until the encore.


you'll also hear the difference between the film score and the live arrangements of the new album. the film pretty much has constant music throughout and i personally preferred these arrangements as they felt more dynamic.


the songs are good, but it doesn't have the energy of the other times i've seen them. hopefully you get guest appearances! we had julien baker there for a couple of songs, as well as string trio, brass duo and choir.


the show did convince me to splurge on the 3x LP deluxe version (i had already pre-ordered the club swirl variant).

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5 minutes ago, fondfarewell said:

Someone on Reddit posted a photo of a “You Had Your Soul With You” 7”.

Anyone have details?

Some UK stores I think began selling it last week, supposedly super limited and in-store only.



Edit: looks like official release date is tomorrow so maybe more stores will have them this weekend.

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