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4 hours ago, Rezqua said:

Yeah, most people from that long ago in my life are people who I either ended up drifting apart from or cutting out because they're shitty. My friend Will is the only person from freshman year that I really have any desire to speak to anymore but he's one of my closest friends. 


Yeah, high school was weird because it felt like a long ass time and literally no time at all. It was a bit of an odd time for me too personally, don't want to get too into it on a public message board because yknow, but most people on here who I was friends with have heard about it to varying degrees. I actually have been meaning to message you for a while but shit kept coming up and I'd forget to. I'll shoot you a message on facebook or something later.  

Yeah, it's weird for sure. @DecayToDeath and I met on here randomly shitting around about SOAD bootlegs like four years ago, it's pretty wild to think that we're good friends now and have flown out across the country to hang out. @NapalmBrain is a babe too, he has put up with far too much of my dumbass kid antics. 


Not much of a party guy or anything like that and I've been pretty on top of all my work so far. Got dragged over to a mini party in the room next door last night because Will and I were jamming in my room and they heard us and demanded we play a song. Luckily everyone was not sober enough to realize that we were shit because we hadn't really practiced everything lol. But yeah, not a smoker and I don't drink anymore so I really don't see much reason to go to that shit. At least I didn't get some jackass of a roommate though. Guy I am rooming with is quiet and pretty easy to get along with even if we don't have a ton in common. 

Yeah, the last 4 years has been a wild ride for a bunch of people I think... Myself included.

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1 hour ago, Ishtar said:

Hi everyone. I'm tired, but also drinking. Yay! Today was my Friday.


edit: Also, let's talk about absinthe. Never had that shit before but I drank a sazerac with some of that good stuff in there and it seriously messed me up.

Never tried absinthe but I would like to. 

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