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Post Your Record Storage Area

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Ok guys, I need y'all's opinion/help. I have been storing my vinyl on the ground (in the correct position) for a while now. I just got married so I have about $400 in gift cards at Crate & Barrel. Only problem is, the only place to put this type of furniture (open book case without doors on the front) is right next to the door that leads into the kitchen. The stove is probably 5 feet from where the shelf would be.

My wife keeps pushing me to get this type of shelf, but I am terrified because of what I have read on here about what could happen if moisture/steam was to get onto the vinyl or perhaps even the heat from the stove? I keep looking for something with doors on it to keep out some of the elements.

Here's the big question....am I just being paranoid? I really do like a lot of the shelves I have found without doors on them and after checking out this thread I've seen a lot of people have their vinyl stored in a piece of furniture like this. To be honest, we barely ever use the stove.




Post a pic of the area in question...



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I finally finished getting everything for my new set-up, and I've bought a lot more records since I last posted my storage shelf, so:




I like it. I'm gonna need a bit more storage space soon, but I like it.

I'm pretty sure IKEA has a 2x1 Expedit now, so I might just get that to fill in that extra space to the right. That'd give the turntable and speakers some breathing room, and I'd have more space for my records and books.

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I bought some 14 x 14 inch sleeves designed for box sets.  But the Dylan for sure (and maybe the Wilco?) is too big even for that size.  So I cut the right edge off one bag, the lefte edge off another bag, and tape them together to make one even bigger bag.  If you use packing tape, it's transparent.

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IKEA definitely has 2x1 Expedits? In America? Because it's not on their website and they never answer the phones. If they definitely do, I'm heading out ASAP to pick up a couple of them. Anyone know the price?



Yeah, they exist. 2x1 duct taped to the top of a 2x2. It works pretty well.


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