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  1. well now you have at least one!! we're trying to do a few more collaborations with labels too, so maybe next time you visit, well have some more store exclusives..
  2. thanks. hopefully we'll be around long enough so when you visit NYC you can swing thru.
  3. for those who care.. here's a picture of Jeff Caudill's lathe cover . They're limited to 25 copies. They'll be available on opening day. he's playing at 1pm. they have two acoustic Gameface songs on it. I've heard them and they're great.
  4. just to let you know. I actually have one in my collection. (I just checked)..
  5. hey! . I think I have one in my personal collection. (well I know I have an egg hunt test, just have to check the label)... I am waiting on a box from a friend that might have some rare dischord stuff in .. including a One Last Wish test.. and a few other things. if you reach out on like Monday Ill let you know if it pops up. k
  6. let me know. or just say hey!!
  7. thank you. can't wait for your records to be a part of the shop too!!
  8. yes. Limited Toone is a pretty terrible name. it seems like mostly only nerds like / appreciate the name now. I don't think we'd ever do that hot stampers thing...
  9. ha. we have .. an original VItalogy. Pearl Jam Live on Two Legs and Ukukele Songs and I think a copy of Yield.
  10. yeah when you come in, make sure you say hey. and while we're at it.. ill say this to everyone.. come into the shop. if you don't like it or there's an issue. just talk to me about it. if you think a price is unreasonable or if you think I am taking advantage of an artist, label or customer; talk to me about it. i'd gladly have a discussion about it. Limited to One is for the people!!! (and the hobby!)
  11. trying not to. hah nice icon btw.
  12. thank you!! make sure you say hey when you arrive.
  13. a. we bought a lot of them for less then what they go for on discogs. and the ones that weren't we only bought the ones we could sell at similar cost. when I started looking to build the shop, I wanted great rare items in there. and to be honest, there are a few items that I am selling for what I paid for them. (not a lot cause that would make a terrible business model).. but a few. b. we'll be selling the LE lathes for between 25 and 28 bucks. (we haven't priced them yet and I need to look them over, we haven't gotten them yet). I think this is a pretty fair price since the normal non limited ones cost 18 to ship. c. I honestly just wanted to make a shop that was catered towards the new collector. younger music and cool hard to find lps.
  14. totally dude@ would love to hang again. I know a few people pining for the AM cassette so it might not be here when you come but i'm sure we'll have a few other things you care about.
  15. THANK YOU. and haha. I can't even imagine putting a restaurant together. I am just getting crushed on trying to find a roll down security gate for less than 2k. I can't imagine putting that together. next time you visit, make sure you come thru and say hey!!