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  1. got a question. I picked up the Goo Goo dolls box set. brought it home and realized it was signed. does anyone know anything about this? how many were signed?
  2. Is this disbelief or Interest?
  3. Yep. Or trade for something fun.
  4. money money money....
  5. Just Sucks. I really wanted one. Damn
  6. How is the test sold out already?
  7. Sorry to revive a dead thread but any word about this year's releases? Is it happening. PS I'm pregnant. Af
  8. just in case anyone in Canada is looking for the Dirty Nil lp. it's up on Dine Alone. looks like two colors both /500 and only available to CA residents. so I am guessing that the Fat version might go up soon (maybe today?)
  9. yeah I am thinking about bringing some rare Third Man stuff with me for trade.
  10. but can't we all just do both?
  11. I am excited about going. it'll be my second time. I am hoping this time to find some more real cheap gems. I am bringing some records for trade. do you think that's a good idea? you know, hard to find shit from the US?