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    did I miss the coupon code?
  2. I did. they're pretty cool./ I actually almost chucked them cause they were in the tote and not in the LP. whew.
  3. Smiths/Morrissey Lot for sale

  4. thanks a ton. literally some dude came in last night and bought both of them . thanks a ton . I haven't seen VGS in years. was Frank the singer?
  5. bump. still looking for fun collections, items and cool stuff for the shop. if you want to check out the sort of stuff we carry, here's our Instagram @limitedtoonenyc .
  6. FS-Smashing pumpkins-Siamese Dream (Orange)

    did you sell this?
  7. Looking for someone who lives in Tokyo or Kyoto or Osaka to help with something. hit me up. thanks
  8. Awesome Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    the best thing to do, if shipping domestically, with media mail. is print a shipping label thru Paypal. When someone paid you, look at your paypal account and there will be an option. if the records aren't too heavy. you probably don't even need to weigh them, just put like 3lbs and print it out at home. tape it up and drop it off at UPS .