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  1. he asked me to do paypal or venmo. and the first paypal I tried sending it to, didn't work. and then he told me to send it to his work one. but I did it for goods, since it was a little bit of money. this sucks.
  2. yikes. I just put in a paypal dispute. we'll see.
  3. he reached out to me and told me he had the Pinegrover Meridian cassette that I have been looking (posted it a few times on want board)
  4. eep. well if you get yours or if I get mine, then we know there's nothing to be concerned about. I am sure it's fine. I just get worried when I reach out to someone and they don't reply, for like a week.
  5. ok cool.. was getting a little worried. I sent him money for something last tuesday and reached out a few times, just checking in to see if it was shipped but he never wrote back.
  6. hey did anyone buy anything from this guy? I'm having a bit of trouble of having him reply to me..
  7. that makes two of us... if anyone has two....
  8. anyone.....???
  9. hey does anyone know what this month's secret 45 is?
  10. might have missed this.. but the deluxe seems to be up right now.
  11. I mean I guess they could sell the pedals seperately elsewhere .. but still.. I am just having trouble believing that each region gets 25 copies of the deluxe.
  12. riddle me this... this version that comes with a guitar pedal is limited to 50 and comes with the deluxe. so that leaves.. what 50 copies left to be split between US, EU and the other AUS deluxe bundle? nah. there's no way the deluxe is limited to 100.
  13. I saw that too. does that mean that the =/150 in the UK is the most limited? cause the EU and the AUS also have the same mock up for the deluxe.. hmm