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  1. call it 20 shipped and it's yours.
  2. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I've been to Japan a few times and couldn't wrap my head around the idea that no one in the states sell like they do. It'll be exciting to see the feedback we get.
  3. trust me. it's a question I have been thinking about a lot. first of all. we're working with a few different labels to offer out of print items. and sold out po's at non flipper prices. so let's say you missed a PO for something from a label, we're going to try to carry those. also, NYC is on the one place where there's enough foot traffic and bands touring and interest from collectors. second. this store really doesn't exist, you know? the goal is, is to have a store filled with "wall records". honestly, I know it's a gamble but I have been collecting for a while and I am going to try to make this the store I would love to go to as a customer. also. our rent is pretty low and we got a deal for a bit of time on it. it's not going to be a HUGE store. if you have ideas or input, i would love to hear it.
  4. please do! we're trying to do some really cool new ideas for the store. yea our goal is 08/01.
  5. ha. it's a used mug. what do u want to spend on it?
  6. yeah I have it. want it/?
  7. thanks and yes please. we're working on design now and soon to be doing construction and of course, always looking for inventory.
  8. we're opening in the East Village in NYC.
  9. I am opening up a brick and mortar store in NYC that will be specializing in collectable, rare and out of print indie / punk / emo / etc.. we're not opening for two months but I am currently looking for collections or valuable rare independent records. the store will be different from other stores in the fact that everything we will carry will be out of print. we will carry test pressings, one of kind items, along with some inexpensive out of print records .. please contact here . thanks. Kristian
  10. do we know what this looks like?
  11. deluxe copy on clear below. Deluxe clear vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide. Tracklist: 1. Fire 2. In and Out 3. Fake Sugar 4. Savior Faire 5. We Could Run 6. Oo La La 7. Go Baby Go 8. Oh My God 9. Love in Real Life 10. Do You Want Me To 11. Lover 12. Clouds
  12. Yo

    1. ludakrishayes


      What in the world is this??

  13. DM'ed