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Hydra Health: A Hydra Head Rehabilitation Project (And All-Encompassing Thread)

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11 hours ago, AsleepOnRocks said:

If, for some reason, you're browsing this thread and don't know who Mare was, or you just don't own their one and only record, fucking buy it.


It's one of my favorite EPs ever, they couldn't possibly have been a more criminally underrated band.


Just buy it, don't even listen to it first. If you're a fan of Hydra Head you'll like it.

You heard the man, go fucking buy this!  Seriously, this band slays.  Was lucky enough to see them several times and they did not disappoint.


Also, the pretty 2005 splatter press is available from TL here:.





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Cave In: Perfect Pitch Black LP + 7" . Expanded Reissue.




Side A
1. Perfect Pitch Black 0:32
2. The World Is In Your Way 5:10
3. Off To Ruin 4:38
4. Trepanning 4:08
5. Paranormal 7:03
Side B
1. Down The Drain 4:28
2. Droned 3:00
3. Ataraxia 5:27
4. Tension In The Ranks 3:17
5. Screaming In Your Sleep 3:24

Bonus 7" Track List (all on black vinyl):
1. On The Prowl
2. Believe In Doubt
3. Prognosis






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6 hours ago, jonrawks said:

I've had one for a while now and feel the same way.  It's hard to justify the cost for those two songs, but damnit do I want it.

I'll buy one, claim it showed up super damaged. Get sent a replacement, then send you one of the copies for half the price of one. Ready, set, go. 

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7 minutes ago, fitterhappier said:

Probably final pressing done by Escape Artists Records

This will be the first done by HHR

Makes sense I suppose, just seems like a strange choice to reissue something that already has 5 pressings, when stuff like Beyond Hypothermia or the Poacher Diaries has only been done once like 20 years ago...

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