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PO: Poison The Well - You Come Before You repress

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1 hour ago, armsanddanger said:

Same. I'd buy a nicer re-release if they did it, but I'm happy to have a playable copy that sounds good. I didn't realize the band wasn't on board at all until today.

Especially since I'd imagine the band doesn't actually own the rights to this album...this is just some Mars volta-esque whining.


Sorry you don't own the rights to your album, guys. Maybe try to buy them back.

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Band finally fully commented on this via their FB just now:


It has come to our attention recently that Backbite Records out of Germany has rereleased our LP "You Come Before You" on vinyl. We wanted to make everyone aware that this is not an official Poison The Well rerelease. We weren't consulted or involved with this version of the LP in anyway, shape or form. We’re quite disappointed with how this was handled by Backbite and the poor quality of this rerelease.

Love, PTW





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And now Back Bite Records ahs fired back!


As you might have noticed, there are rumors going on, saying that we are bootlegging that POISON THE WELL record and that it is not official.
That's a lie!
We paid thousands of euros for a licence, that was given to us from the rights owner. Everything legal. Everybody who says something different is not on truth's path.
When we once asked for that licence, Warner told us "everything ok, start the production.". Warner had to do 2 steps: clearing this inhouse and asking the a...stist management for a clearance. When they get to us with an "OK" after this 2 steps, everything what must be done is done.

We received a lot of emails from people all over the world beeing grateful that finally somebody repressed this (still awesome!) record.

A record like this, creates some benefit for a record label. Most of you know about our work: All the money goes into demo tapes, 7"s and LPs of small underground bands. We are a part of this scene because we love it and we support it as much as possible.

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