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    Or you'd all have limited JFK skate decks that you're never gonna use.
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    I miss it too. Bring back @Dave Grohl !
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    I never got one, mine just showed up.
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    I have a local DIY spot where we hung up a busted record from a band that played there. That's the only thing I can think of. The last time I got a busted record in the mail it was covered with maple syrup and my local USPS got an attitude with ME about it.
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    I'm not superstitious, gonna keep on saying it until it happens, I have never had any sound issues with half:half or tricolors. So I grabbed a Tri in memory of Matt's accomplishment of completion. Miss seeing you around @Dave Grohl I'm going to see Rosetta at Strange Matter on Thursday. Grabbing a bite with Armine before the show. If you're in town, head on down, since we missed seeing you at the Nothing show a couple years ago (but you didn't miss much, it was a 105 degree fiasco)
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    Oh shit. New Caspian record POs are my favorite. Caspian talk in general is also my favorite.
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    VC Official Pro Wrestling Thread

    Velveteen is only 22 years old and has been wrestling for like 2-3 years. He will be one of, if not, the biggest thing in wrestling someday.
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    More importantly, is that Jani rocking a Gibson RD Artist bass? Hell yah.
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    We didn't say anything about THIS thing!!
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    Grabbed a Tri-Matt last night when I got the email from Mylene
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    I went in hiding till this damn thing came out.
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    You know deep down you love 'em. The half and half pilsner is flawless, so that's why I wasn't scared of going for tri (sound wise). I did tri cause it hasn't been done before in a Caspian release. Splatters, splits, solids, whisps, marbles, splits with splatters, blobs, clears, clears with splatters, transparents; all been done. Really the only one I'd never fuck with is a haze - aka sand paper. Then I went with a color scheme to match. I played around with a few other ideas, but tri just seemed to be at the top of my list. I know tri's have their history of being spotty here or there, as well as splits, but every Sheath record I have sounds great (as well as every TC Caspian release as well). I also wasn't really super focused on 'which is the best sounding' cause I knew they were doing an audiophile black. Honestly I just chose tri cause I knew Gumbo wouldn't get it. You the true homie. No, they will not.
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    Tri-Color? Matt... why you gotta' do us like that? Torn on what to grab.
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    Pleasantly surprised to see that my copy showed up today. The 'slipcase' is just a folded poster as stated above. Records have a nice haze effect, but pretty tame as far as his previous offerings go. Warming up the rig right now for a spin!
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    this album and “reunion” screams cash grab, I’m willing to bet they all still mostly hate each other.. it really sucks to see a solid band run their respectable discography into the ground with something like this. this is the true death of Underoath.
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    You glassjaw fans have to get other interests
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    you played the flute, but no one was dancing
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    Andy Nghost * BOO!

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Not as bad as yours, but mine arrived in the shoddiest excuse for a vinyl mailer I have yet to see. It was basically two layers of cardboard barely taped together. I could see the spine on all sides. Seemed to have been packaged well by the label but whichever Amazon distro facility these landed in seem to have had issues with mailer stock levels. Love the heavyweight vinyl & the colour pattern. Gonna listen to it later today.
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    Hope I'm not stuck with this
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