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  1. Damn the LA tickets were only $40 / $50-something after fees, what's up with New York
  2. I wanna grab the reissues of older stuff but I just do not have the cash for it right now. Hope the lack of indication that they're limited means they'll be around.....
  3. I’m going to LA date #1 if anyone wants to say hi!
  4. It says it's supposed to have started now, but all the ticketmaster links are dead. Gonna wait until 3am (midnight pst) before I pass out and decide to wait until morning.
  5. Got a spotify notification for presale--three dates: LA on may 21 & 22, NY june 20
  6. I couldn’t pass it up, /300 and I love it too much. I hate spending so much on anything, but knowing that it’s an import and that a ton of care went into it does help.
  7. Didn't see anyone talking about this here yet so: https://lightintheattic.net/releases/6263-revolutionary-pekinese-opera-ver-1-28 (US) https://lenarthcophore.bigcartel.com/product/hostblod-morkrets-intag (EU) This is one of my all-time favorite albums, still blows my mind every time I listen to it. Amazed and excited to see it getting pressed.
  8. I’ve got hopes for it too—love the comp and don’t own any of the releases individually. It’d be a must-have if pressed.
  9. Update........hormones are on the way. Call me EstroJen 😎
  10. I went to go link it here but actually just got an email saying it got cancelled, drat.
  11. Some German store was selling the box set last week for like $45 shipped to the US so I bought one...hoping that turns out to be legit.
  12. Yeah I missed 'em when they were around, so this is pretty big for me if they're gonna tour again.