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1 hour ago, rds said:

Question for y'all- was one pouch of the double sleeve gatefold supposed to be empty?  It seemed weird that the right pouch had the LP and the left pouch was just air.

Mine is like that as well, I think that's how they all are, doesn't bother me too much.


But, what does irk me somewhat is that the sleeve/jacket is so big that it won't fit into any outer sleeves. 

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Me too, got lucky and ran into him once at the premiere of Inland Empire. Highlight of my 20's.

That's like saying Michael Jordan was actually a pretty good basketball player.

New episodes May 21st!!!!

2 hours ago, fish said:

Why are Amazon and local stores around me selling this for $30-$35 when Mondo has them for $23? Are they just trying to make some extra $$ before the repress or are distributors adding that much $ to the cost?

Mondo has insane base prices for retailers. Over here in Europe it retails for 40-45€ and though the mark-up definitely has to do with importing costs, it's also due their stuff costing upwards of 30€ for retailers. 

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1 hour ago, Emilio Earhart said:

Deathwaltz just replied to someone on Twitter inquiring about FWWM, they said that it's getting announced early January, and then going on sale late January/early February. It's good to finally have a little bit of news on this.


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