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[PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

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Try this (according to google translate it says “The new disc of the Shogaze institution comes in August! Gray Backdrop Vinyl is limited to only 300 units and is only available from specialist retailers, not the chains, so it's quick. Instant collector object”) : https://greenhell.de/Nothing-Dance-On-The-Blacktop_1


For UK indies version, keep an eye on Banquet. They have the album up but not much info about it yet.




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1 minute ago, mrewest said:

I’ve reached the point where I hate listening to more than one song off an upcoming album.  It has ruined plenty of albums recently.  Waiting til release day for the rest.

Same. If it's a band whose previous work I've loved, sometimes I won't even listen to one.

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1 hour ago, mrewest said:

I gotta scratch the itch at least a little haha.  I try to hold out to get the record in hand if I can but hard to do if you don’t get it on release day.

Sometimes it gets to be too much, but I just pretend that whenever my record comes in is release date

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