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PO Now: Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas (5xLP box set)

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That I’m not sure of. I figured I’d jump on it now and ask questions later. 


Edit: it does look like some of the EP’s are available in the store, so maybe they just found more. 


Wow. Thank you. Wasnt expecting to ever find one of these again for a reasonable price. Only 22 left in stock!

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1 hour ago, lethalenforcer said:

Repressed or are those leftover copies? Doesn’t indicate being a preorder and this one says it’s /2000 just like the original pressing. Hmm. I may need to nab this finally.

Considering it also, but after just preordering this - I doubt I’ll be able to afford another Christmas boxset just yet. 

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3 hours ago, Vector53 said:

I just want them to repress silver and gold dammit.

you can buy them all individually on the AK site. i picked a few at this christmas show years back, and bought the missing ones from them directly. on the site its a mistake and they're listed as CDs FYI..

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On 9/7/2018 at 4:49 PM, swb said:

I remember streaming Silver and Gold when the box was out and not really digging it but I'm digging this 1-5 set. Are they that different that I'd have two separate reactions or am I just in more of a Sufjan Christmas mood right now?

IMO, Silver & Gold is waaaay uneven. Sounds like it was a lot more fun to make than listen to. I own the boxset, and I don't even put Volume 7 on, as it pretty much goes back and forth between austere choral arrangements (which are amazing) and super goofy novelty songs like "I Am Santa's Helper (You Are Santa's Slave)". Volume 8 is pretty rough at times as well. I will say that it still contains some of his finest Christmas material, and the last two songs - Justice Delivers Its Death and Christmas Unicorn - are among his best songs ever, period.

Songs for Christmas, on the other hand, is unimpeachably great from start to finish. Chronologically it goes from just before Michigan to the Illinois era, so he wasn't doing as much stuff with synths and computers, and it just suits the Christmas season better. And I love bleep bloopy Sufjan, but during Christmas I'd rather hear something more organic and unobtrusive.

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1 hour ago, PookdaddyG said:

Oh man, I hope that’s not the case. After finally getting Silver and Gold in the mail, I was super pumped for my BM order.

Tim is right. I was just kidding. :lol:


Give it a couple weeks, you will be able to order one. 


However, don’t sleep on it.

I would pre-order or ask for it at your larger local indie record store.


Those Beatles Christmas boxes from last year seemed to disappear quick! :o

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