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Misfits- Walk Among Us [Deluxe, Earache records]

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3 minutes ago, tkey said:

What's the point in complaining about the price of a record? If you think it's too expensive, don't buy it. 

The point is that it is ridiculously fucking priced. Got it? I will also not buy it, but I almost did. This pricing is getting way the fuck outta hand.

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19 minutes ago, VinylMario said:

Doesn't Earache use the FDR process on their records?

Went with purple BTW

I'm not 100% sure this is getting the FDR treatment.


They said "Pressed from Warners masters, who supplied us extremely dynamic audio. FDR style. You’ll be blown away by our LP versions."


But I don't see these mentioning FDR or included in the FDR section.

I could have missed it tho. I'm at work fer chrissakes.

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