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QOTSA - Lullabies to Paralyze 1st Press and EODM - Peace Love and Death Metal 1st Press

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Looks like the QOTSA store has put up some first presses that they had in storage. 




* Please note, these items have been sitting in storage for several years and have wear and tear on the packaging, sleeves, etc. but the vinyl is in unplayed condition. These items are not able to be returned or exchanged *

* Limited to one per person *


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11 minutes ago, lethalenforcer said:

They yanked it when there were still like 150+ copies left. Looks like they sold around 500 in total...

Damn, that’s an awful lot of copies to just have sitting around. Must have to be a pretty big pressing, seeing as over 2000 people have it in their collection on Discogs.

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4 minutes ago, Rottengoth said:

God damnit, of course I miss this when it’s been in my wantlist on discogs forever 


19 minutes ago, kramer73 said:

Hesitated, then it was gone.  Oh well.  Still, thanks for the heads up OP.

More: https://www.merchbar.com/rock-alternative/queens-of-the-stone-age/queens-of-the-stone-age-lullabies-to-paralyze-1st-pressing

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