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Alice In Chains Sap/Jar of Flies 2LP

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1 hour ago, twatay said:

Holy shit that went fast. The ultra limited clear with actual flies went up later than the other options. Fuck! Definitely would’ve snagged that. Oh well, feel lucky to get the tri color version at this point ha.

I kinda want the plushies

That was pure luck! Just by chance I decided to look at my phone lol! Was picking up wife this morning and saw your post. Don't think I would've gone for that fly tho. 

Plushies?  Tempting but $70 stuffed animals...

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Revolver has a standard black up for pre-order for $22.  Tri-color looked dumb, the limited to 150 jar of flies variant was very neat looking, but I like my OG black when I can get it.



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Also noticed only on the mockup picture sticker at revolver it says it is remastered audio.  Didn't see any mention of the remastering anywhere in the webstore descriptions.


I'm certain that self-titled will get a 30th anniversary reissue next year and if they keep on with the trend, Unplugged would be getting a 30th in 2026.



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6 hours ago, faaip de oiad said:

So there are some people getting shipping notifications. I ordered the tri-color but haven't seen a notification yet. I'm also seeing possible delays? Anyone seen this? Supposed to be shipping 3-22

The Dirt box set shipped about 4 months late, so I will be shocked if these are shipped on time. 

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