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  2. Website has progressed a bit. I can now get through to entering the code, but after clicking download I get another error page.
  3. My buddies shop had one left today, maybe he will do mailorder. Not sure however. PM me for details.
  4. Take "records" out of this situation and it makes more sense.
  5. for all of these Great Cynics- In the Valley EP tt69-y8fh Meridian- The Cathedral 7hnm-kkz3 Jen Boxton/Lincoln Le Fevre split 7" 7zg7-bh6h Make War rdu5-hmaz The Hunters- Art Electric h7y2-eyk9 Cassavetes- Oh So Long t2yq-kmuc Creative Adult- Fear of Life 3ltl-36bk Flannelgraph Records Winter '16/'17 sampler jhpa-geeg Count Your Lucky Stars sampler #5 me5y-ub4k Helen Earth Band- We Fucking Quit w442-j6dk Pass Away- Hey Death 6qxn-gnqh Typesetter- Wild's End pcx5-kqdk Choke Up- Black Coffee, Bad Habits 5fb2-wjyg Northcote qy6a-vs2h Banquets 66qz-wew3 Black Market/Red Money split 7" l526-67ue
  6. I picked up some things here but is there any way to reduce the shipping price? it went up to like $12 for my cart I picked up some things here but is there any way to reduce the shipping price? it went up to like $12 for my cart
  7. Whew lord, after a long morning, managed to finally get everything I wanted from BM. Keep trying everyone. Looks like they're gradually clearing carts.
  8. We just added 25 codes for 20% off at and the code is YES20! We still have some Pogo the Krusty Clown (the simpson/john wayne gacy), Captain Schrute (Dwight schrute/captain Spaulding), and Pluto Hill (the hills have eyes/king of the hill) left, all are limited to 50.
  9. A 4xLP of Alien would be sweet. I love box sets.
  10. I'd prefer a 4xLP deluxe Alien over some liquid gimmick. Maybe both soundtrack versions, an Alien print, Covenant print, and some pins?
  11. I read somewhere (I think it was this thread) that they'll have a 2xLP of Alien and an expanded 4xLP of Alien as well. They've been teasing that one for over a year now so it would make sense. Maybe even something for Covenant too?
  12. Shit. If that's the case, I can't go through not getting that another time.
  13. Against Me! - Stabitha Christie/First High of the Morning - Picture Disc 7" Single /4000 Blind Mr Jones - Stereo Musicale Retrospective - Double Red/Clear Vinyl LP /1000 The Dillinger Escape Plan - Instrumentalist - White Vinyl 7" Single /2000 Freur - Doot Doot - LP Ned's Atomic Dustbin - All I Ask of Myself Is That I Hold Together - 12" Single Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive - 12" Single /4000 The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (Demo) - 7" Single /5000 Troves - Youth in Decay - 7" Single Yazoo - You and Me Both - LP
  14. No, but that The Used live thing they did for RSD did.
  15. Has anyone seen the Against Me 45 floating around? I keep managing to miss it.
  16. You know it, brother.
  17. It's sad that we have to feel lucky about that. I'm not gonna go all the way back to the beginning of my record buying, but even just a year or two ago it was standard for a double to cost $20. Like others have said, just try and contact the seller. They should be the ones handling your return and then they send it back to the distro. Good luck.
  18. This was a one album one year emo side project of punk blink. Album had 2 hit songs. This is a YouTube streamer for most. But I guess everything goes vinyl these days so it's cool.
  19. Complete Night Riots collection including CDs, promos, and the early self-released CDs under their original name, PK.
  20. ^ why would your first thought be to give the guy a hard time instead of being helpful or saying nothing?
  21. Liquid-filled Alien on Wednesday?
  22. If anyone has a copy please message me. Take care
  23. Here's what I came home with from the Scranton convention this weekend. First one on my leg.
  24. For sure! The split be a tour-only exclusive, so it won't be available directly through The Ghostly Store. If we get the chance, we will offer it at TGS as well down the line. For now though the only way to grab a copy is to go to one of the shows!
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