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  2. I sent my keepers in via PM to @whoshotthefrog
  3. Saw them last night in Pittsburgh and they were amazing. They put on such a solid and emotional set. Grabbed me a peach copy as well.
  4. Pre-selling isn't against eBay rules, as long as you can ship the item within 30 days.
  5. yeah, but this seems to be the black vinyl edition...
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  7. Chicka Chicka
  8. Grau pressing of ashes sounds fine to me. Although i have no other versions to compare it with
  9. Ebay don't care. As long as they get their 10%
  10. I doubt the March Pre-Order date for the vinyl version is accurate but:
  11. Yeah, it has several options between 50 and 1000 Ohms, so that's fine. If the low output really proved to be a problem that would be a real bummer. On the other hand, I could use an excuse to buy an external phono stage
  12. Any signed copies available anywhere?
  13. You're a good man Gumbo. GOTCHA on the other hand.... A guy who can be this much of an asshole on the internet can no way be a standup guy to his girl in real life. My bet is she has no idea of this Internet persona and would be appalled by this behavior if she ever found it. Living an alter ego out online and acting another way in real life is not healthy and will manifest itself in his relationship soon enough. I sincerely hope you stop this and go spend your time learning and loving your wife/girlfriend instead.
  14. Will grab whatever's hanging at my local shop. This got me pretty excited, although both songs so far are less than fantastic. It does sound a lot like all the bands of the last five years or so desperately trying to sound like Slowdive. It's gonna be very much worth my while though, I'm sure. Also, almost three years have passed since I saw them play live and it's still the single best concert I've ever been lucky enough to attend.
  15. Grab a Silver one on the UE store. Thx !
  16. euro preorder:
  17. I went last November for the first time, definitely a bucket list event. You'll definitely need the full day, if not all the days, to go through everything. Lots of stuff mostly in the classic rock genre, especially 60s and 70s Psych/Garage if you're into that, but be weary of skyrocketing prices! I went in with a very specific list of things I wanted, nothing too rare, and I was able to get everything for reasonable prices - slightly less than Discogs minus the shipping. I managed to get OG pressings of My Bloody Valentine's "Glider EP" and Swans "Holy Money" for about 10 Euro each. I also snagged Lou Reed's "Berlin", Van Morrison's "Veedon Fleece" and Stiff Little Fingers' "Inflammable Material" - all albums i've been looking for but didn't feel like paying Discogs prices plus shipping. Overall, it was a very nice experience. Unfortunately the weather was rainy and bitingly bitterly cold, but the records and coffee shops made up for it Also I got to see Wilco that weekend in Utrecht, and was in the front row - one of my favourite bands since the 90s and first chance seeing them live. Unfortunately Tweedy was in a shitty mood coz of the Trump win and only did one encore, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless.
  18. Tivoli/Vredenburg/De Helling is a pretty solid music venue. Ofcourse it depends on who's playing. Ekko is another ok venue. Bars , depends on your taste There used to Stairway To Heaven, but it has new owners and is some stupid club.
  19. Preorders up finally! Some pricy bundle options available which I obviously went for.
  20. FAT color is the blue/yellow split
  21. I'm already looking forward to their third album Piglet. I heard it comes on Winnie The Pooh yellow/red swirl with heavy honey splatter. Also, selling my Goya Die Hard, enamel pin and all, if anyone's interested?
  22. got the /400, new track slams
  23. I got super excited there was 40% off until I read your previous post haha. I def may have to go this Wed to see if there are any new markdowns though. Thanks for the tips.
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