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  2. Daaaaaaaaang. That's beautiful. I'm not s huge in box guy, so I'll be opening and posing/playing with mine. I know they don't keep their value as much that way, but I can't help myself. Trying to get myself to hold out for a Boba Fett reissue and trying to find a Mando!
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  4. Shipping tomorrow, hit me up with any requests.
  5. Can we get a Phish box set this year too? Hampton or Amsterdam maybe?
  6. Also try to add a few 1000 to your cart and it tells you how many are left.
  7. I used to collect in box Black Series 6" myself It's a really great hobby, but i had to give it up because i needed the cash for other things. And to be quite honest, I started the collection hoping that they would eventually bring out every major character in the 2015+ red line. When the split up the 6 bounty hunters on the numbered line, the store exclusive unnumbered ones and the archive collection it bugged me a little bit, my little ocd i guess I still buy the occasional figure though and have kept a few. The last one i bought was the sith trooper sdcc exclusive, fits to the other exclusive slip case editions very nicely and it's a great character design. This used to be my collection, they were all mint and in box
  8. Hi, looking to venture into the MC cartridge realm and looking for the best MC preamp under $1k. I narrowed it down to the two listed in the title. Thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hey Everybody, selling the rest of my post rock collection. All are in NM condition and have been cleaned and stored. I accept payment via PayPal and if more than one album is purchased I will ship for free. Please feel free to make an offer if you don't like the prices. Thanks for looking! Beware of safety- dogs- pilsner-2xlp /300-$20 Beware of safety- dogs- pilsner-2xlp /300-$20 Beware of safety-it is curtains-black /250-$8 Beware of safety-scars-brown 2xlp 45rpm /300-$12 Caspian-live at old south church-white-/200-$25 Caspian-four trees-Transparent Pilsner w/ Maroon and Black Splatter/100 all second press-$62 Caspian-four trees-clear/bronze swirl /100-$40 Caspian Tertia-Second press-gold /300-$20 Caspian-waking season-purple marble first press tour copy-300-$50 Caspian-Hymn for the greatest generation-milky brown /250-$35 Giants-old stories-Sea blue/mustard yellow /200-$18 Giants-old stories-gray/oxblood /300-$18 Giants-they the undeserving-cream/maroon /300-$15 Giants-they the undeserving-trans sky blue /100-$28 Giants-they the undeserving-opaque maroon /100-$35 Giants/beware of safety-split 7”-$8 Gifts from enola-loyal eyes betray the mind /250-$25 Gifts from enola-s/t-orange-/300-$13 Gifts from enola-a healthy fear-blue /300-$15 Gifts from enola-a healthy fear-Opaque baby blue band exclusive /100-$25 Glaciers-mirrored-black marble or brown marble-$15 Glaciers-and the sea won the battle-clear/blue-$15 God speed you black emporor- dont bend ascend-180g-$16 God is an astronaut-s/t-63/500-Hand #-$50 If these trees could talk-red forrest-clear/green swirl second press /200-$50 If these trees could talk-s/t-orange second press- /100-$40 If these trees could talk-s/t-orange/black(half orange half black) second press /300-$35 If these trees could talk-Above the earth-second press clear/green(trans forrest green) /150-$45 If these trees could talk-Above the earth below the sky-second press-opaque aqua blue /250-$35 If these trees could talk-st & above the earth below the sky-sheath 050-clear /150-$65 Mogwai-hardcore will never die-$15 Mogwai-earth division-$10 Mogwai-the hawk is howling-$30 Mogwai-les revenants ep-$40 Mogwai-Rave tapes box set-$85 Mono-for my parents-white-$32 Russian circles-station-brown/black splatter-$70 Russian circles-geneva-black-$18 Samuel jackson 5-box-black-$150 Samuel jackson 5-easily misunderstood-clear/orange-$100 Samuel jackson 5-s/t-blue-$28
  11. Hey Guys, Im selling my Pelican collection. Let me know if you have any questions on anything but they're all in nm condition and have been cleaned and stored. Here is what I have, please make an offer if you dont like the prices. I accept payment via PayPal and if more than one album is purchase then I will ship for free: Pelican-ataraxia-Bone-$12 Pelican-march into the sea-clear /500-$8 Pelican-what we all come to need-clear/black/red/grey splatter-/550-$45 Pelican-pink mammoth-pink/black-$9 Pelican-s/t-gray-/500-$16 Pelican-australasia-black-$22 Pelican-city of echoes-silver-$30 Pelican-the fire in our throats-white-$45 Pelican-Arktika-orange-/500-$20 Pelican-Forever becoming- 1 orange 1 blue-/500-$30
  12. They don't use them since they were saved from the dead.
  13. Lately all the single album purchases I've ordered from Amazon are coming in a big box with just some bubble packaging. I did notice if I had two albums they would actually have them in the traditional cardboard then those are inside the big box with the bubble packaging. Not sure why they have changed it up but I guess the next order will be for two different LPs I'll stick with bullmoose or Amoeba until then.....
  14. $6 shipped each if interested. All size Large.
  15. Not sure where you saw this but these pressing numbers are nowhere to be found on any of the sites selling the record, at least that I can find. Just curious your source.
  16. Updated some prices. Still need some help with some money so I’m hoping to sell of the rest of these. Thanks guys. I’ve sold and shipped a bunch of records and you can check my history. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING IN THE US. Vagabon - Infinite Worlds (metallic silver /500) $10 Thelma - S/T (black and clear split/200) $9 Father John Misty - Pure Comedy (deluxe ed. aluminum and copper interchangeable background covers) $22 Brand New - I Am A Nightmare $7 Friends Compilation (2nd press numbered, blac, blue, and white 64/104) fadeaway records feat. kevin devine, andy hull, motion city, brand new, more $30 Modest Mouse - Strangers To Ourselves $10 Midtown - Forget What You Know $12 Citycop - Seasons (2nd press black /500) $10 Special Explosion - the art of mothering (white /100) $10 Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial (VMP translucent yellow /750) SOLD The Thermals - the body the blood the machine (10th Anniversary blood splatter) $20 The Gay Blades - Ghosts (popup gatefold sleeve, beer colored /200) $20 Farewell Continental - hey hey pioneers! $9 Camp Cope - how to socialize and make friends (ultra clear, baby pink and blue splatter /300) -$30 Antarctigo Vespucci - Love in the time of Email (early bird pink with black starburst /1000) $10 Awakebutstillinbed - what people call low self esteem... (clear and black split /250) $18
  17. Original Brazilian vinyl psych, tropicalia,progressive, funk,soul, boogie Rare original pressings Mutantes, Rita Lee, Som Imaginario, Paulo Bagunça, Karma, Miguel de Deus, Marconi Notaro, Satwa, Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti, Tom Ze, Arnaud Rodrigues, Lo Borges, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Tim Maia ,Eduardo Araujo Please inform the Brazilian artists you have interest I send you lists with prices and photos.
  18. Tempting... I was kind of hoping there would be nothing I would want. Life on the murder scene is a maybe, I already have the OG album and I dont normally do live stuff. Gorrillaz is a slam dunk, especially D sides are excellent. And yeah that Biggie collection (at the right price) would get me going as well. ANd if it was cheap maybe that Ace of Spades 7" lol
  19. The tour copies are up for sale on their website if you sign up for their fan club. They are expensive since they are coming from japan but cheaper then Discogs
  20. Haven’t bought any figures in a while but if I do, it’s almost always anime related. I have more One Piece ones than anything. Followed by Dragon Ball Z.
  21. King Krule, Agnes Obel, Chromatics, Moondog, Grimes & more Hey. We’re pleased to present you the new denovali online record store newsletter. 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(Coloured Edition + Bonus Flexi Disc) 12'' [24.00€] King Krule · Man Alive! (Coloured Vinyl) 12'' [24.00€] Konami Kukeiha Club · Metal Gear (180g Vinyl) OST 10'' [31.00€] Kvelertak · Splid (limited Black + Gold Swirl Vinyl) 2x12'' [27.00€] La Roux · Supervision (Limited White Vinyl) 12'' [22.00€] Lanterns On The Lake · Spook The Herd 12'' [25.50€] Leonard Cohen · Thanks for the Dance 12'' [32.00€] Lightning Bolt · S/t (Limited Edition) 2x12'' [28.50€] Long Distance Calling · STUMMFILM (Live from Hamburg) 3x12'' [37.00€] Mark Mothersbaugh · Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok (limited colored edition) OST 2x12'' [47.00€] Matt Jencik · Dream Character 12'' [22.00€] Messer · No Future Days 12'' [18.50€] Mika Vainio · Olento 2x12'' [26.00€] Mint Julep · Stray Fantasies (Limited Ivory Vinyl) 12'' [22.50€] Mono & A.A. 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