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  2. I won’t rest until splattergate has spilled over into every thread on the board!
  3. I always really liked "hit of the search party" and "pornogratherapy", such killer tracks to cap off the album and I feel they never got any love. I've never seen those tracks played live and on YouTube I saw a guy with a "hotsp"guitar cover with less than 1k views. I really hope someone records their set at that upcoming festival where they're going to play the full album.
  4. Didn't get a chance to last night because I left it in the car when I brought my son in and it was raining cats and dogs last night so I got lazy and didn't run out to get it. I did open it in the car out of excitement and the pink / black merge / splatter looks killer! If it sounds as good as it looks, it will be a real treat. I plan on jamming it this evening.
  5. Buying stuff from them since 08, didn't remember it Just remember when bands sell coloured copies from their store And no proofs that you get black or colour because it was "first comes got colour vinyl".
  6. Right on. I think we're on the same page. To get us back on track...has anyone listened to this yet? How does it sound?
  7. Clearing out some shelf space. Add $4 flat for shipping via USPS Media Mail. Shipping to US addresses only. Will reduce prices some if you buy multiples. Please inquire about condition when purchasing. All the LPs should be VG+ or greater (newer titles mostly NM), but some of the jackets may have some imperfections (i.e., minor corner dings or seam splits, etc.). Want to be as transparent as possible. I accept payment via Paypal. SBTRKT - Hold On (12", Single, Ltd, 180g) $6 Deftones - Rocket Skates (7", Single, Ltd, White) $6 Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) (7", Single, Glow in the Dark) $10 Toro Y Moi - Underneath The Pine (LP, Album) $10 Starfucker - Vault Vol. 3 (LP, Comp, Green Vinyl) $10 King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland (LP, Lizard Hologram Etch, Blue/Black Vinyl, Vinyl Moon Pressing) $28 Patrick Watson - Close To Paradise (LP, Album, RE, 180g) $18 Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (LP, Comp) $8 Farah - The Only Ones (12", Orange - Italians Do It Better) $10 Midlake - Live In Denton, TX (12", Ltd, Gatefold + DVD) $12 Midlake - Acts Of Man (12", Single, Ltd) $6 The Notwist - Run Run Run EP (12", EP, Ltd - Double groove record) $5 Stardeath And White Dwarfs + Casket Girls* - What Keeps You Up At Night (12", S/Sided, EP, Etch, Pink Vinyl) $5 The Appleseed Cast - Illumination Ritual (Clear Haze Vinyl) $10 Junior Kimbrough And The Black Keys - Meet Me In The City (7", Single) $6
  8. Dang, I love this album so much. A true 'classic' or whatever that means. I will gladly pick this up. If anyone finds a hot link, please drop it. Thx Fam.
  9. They used to a loooooooong time ago. Whether it was an intentional practice or not, I don't know, but it used to happen. Well before the collecting resurgence.
  10. According to the band's webstore, the maroon is limited to 1,000. It sounds like what's available on the release day is just the same maroon vinyl.
  11. Doesn’t look like it’s up anywhere yet. Middle school me is excited for this but adult me knows it’ll never be spun.
  12. The Maine's brand new album You Are Ok releases March 29th! The band has partnered with Beverly Records in Chicago - they are the exclusive partner in the area! Beverly Records will be carrying limited edition copies of both the CD and vinyl of You Are Ok! *CD - deluxe retail variant, these copies include fan names (as submitted by you) in the liner notes, and in-store is the only place to get a copy of this album! *Vinyl - maroon variant, only 1,500 pressings of this color! The album will be available until sold out.
  13. Ty Segall Influenced Bundle-25 Axis:Sova- Motor Earth CCR Headcleaner-Teardown the Wall(Limited) Shark Toys-Labyrinths(Limited) Wharf Cat Bundle- 15 Holy Motors-Slow Sundown Honey- New Moody Judy Give me something Loud-25 Sumac- The Deal(Black) Doomriders- Darkness(Black) Give me some Lofi OZ- 14 Shifters-Have A Cunning Plan(Limited) Toy Love- Live at the Gluepot Those 13th floor elevators-22 Roky Erickson- Dont Slander Me Night Beats- Myth of a Man Garage-20 Hinds- Leave Me Alone Growlers- Gilded Pleasures Box sets also available Craw- 93-97- 75 bucks Feedtime- Aberrant Years-25 bucks Pm me. Prices include shipping
  14. I didn't change my opinion, I just glossed over BB's point of cash grab b/c I didn't feel it was a cash grab, I just felt it was a run of the mill pressing that had its flaws which could easily be remedied. That's all. If somehow my language in my 2nd post confused that point, then so be it. I've said enough, moving on.
  15. My jacket and sleeve both arrived with splits on the bottom. Good thing I don’t listen to the jacket or sleeve.
  16. Anyone know if he's selling any records on tour? I'm going tomorrow.
  17. Today
  18. Are you going to stop buying any records that come with printed inners though? Because you know that's the only way to really stop the practice. And I did suggest that buffbloom take up his issue with the label if he's that irked by it. I suggest the same to you. I must be missing your point in this post, because it sounds like you're ok with the packaging, vs your previous post, which claimed "this practice needs to change if it's a known issue." Like I said though. Unless consumers demand a change to no printed inners ever and stop buying records that come with them (never going to happen), then labels aren't going to stop doing things the way they've been doing the forever. I definitely don't have an issue with you complaining about it in the first place. It was the implication of BBs post that I took issue with. When we speak or type, the way we say things is important. I also think that sometimes people don't think about the cost of doing business, especially for a startup so I'm glad you realize that. We gave two families the cost of my services at work recently for free, and I know they didn't realize they got around $6k in services/merchandise each at no cost just because they were in a tough position financially.
  19. Where do we go to actually pre-order this? Not sure if I'm just terrible at searching but I can't seem to find anything.
  20. I thought that whole discussion was bad, but then I went into the ETID thread.
  21. I didn't miss that point, I just glossed over it because it's far from truth. This a hobby, and it has become a more and more expensive hobby as time goes on because labels and bands are realizing it's a way to capture revenue off of a physical sale among many other factors. Everyone has to eat. $31 shipped for this record wasn't terrible given today's market. It's not balls to the wall deluxe packaging by any means, but given the demand, it beats the shit out of paying aftermarket prices for an OG.
  22. They have been super nice any time I have talked to them, but its been a few years. I would imagine if they have time to sign, they won't care what item it is they are signing....but Andy would probably prefer to sign anything Fuck City related.
  23. Oh, trust me, I'd love if people put records only in paper inners for shipping. It would be great. Anyone who has purchased records for any amount of time knows that inners split though, and lots of people make printed inners. It's part of the hobby that you know you're probably going to get split inner sleeves at some point. I think people are missing the point of my initial post though, and that is: homeboy called this a cash grab specifically because he got a split inner sleeve which is the most absolutely ridiculous reason to call something a cash grab of all time.
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