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  2. That Jeff Rosenstock that came out a few months ago is essential.
  3. Any recent must-haves from them? Always loved them but falling off the grid a little in catching up on their releases!
  4. On a side note polyvinyl has been killing it in recent years.
  5. So many memories with Virgil Thingerson... I miss the old Hall of Fame threads.
  6. Mine is opaque neon green and LP2 is that same black/ green. Honestly, so far, other than that aforementioned backtracking thing, it's not bad. It definitely a 2005-CD-sourced copy, and BY FAR, the worst boot I've heard (out of like 5!!), but it's gonna be SOME collectible 🙄
  7. Everything about that sounds badass, but that's just me.
  8. @AlexH. That was like a Reddit r/bestof submission. Well done. Appreciate the backstory. What a wild ride. Couldn’t imagine living it.
  9. Today
  10. Yes! That’s how I got my OG! Straight from the Disney.com store. So crazy.
  11. Did not know about these guys and just checked them out. Holy hell do they howl! I am ordering this now thanks for the heads up.
  12. Sounds like some people have extra copies and would really love to send them to me for shipping 😏
  13. Hold the Black one up to the light and I bet it’s the Clear Dark Green with Black Swirl. Mine looked Black coming out of the Inner Sleeve but it was definitely Clear Dark Green.
  14. Something weird at TJ is indeed going on. I got shipping notice for the gold sometime last week. Received the gold AND clear together over the weekend. And earlier today I got a shipping notice for the clear. Huh?
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  16. new Skaphe LP and other things https://mystiskaoseu.bigcartel.com/category/merchandise
  17. Came in today. The book is a bit underwhelming but I'm highly satisfied.
  18. Hmmm..... She's been a hit or miss far too many times. Will have to wait until I hear something.
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