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  2. Drive Thru never obtained the masters just a re-issue, I asked. But also Dashboard has the Swiss Army masters, per spotify changing from the previous label to Dashboard this year along with the others. I believe the only album he doesn't own is Alter The Ending but I could be wrong.
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  4. Saw on the socials that Profound Lore is putting out a 4 LP remastered version of Leviathan - Verrater
  5. Debated making a new thread or keeping this one the topshelf thread, preorder for the no vacation ep went up today. /150 Pink in semi-transparent light blue color-in-color /350 180g black /500 Semi-transparent navy blue /500 Light pink and tan "a-side / b-side" vinyl (retail exclusive) https://novacationgrrl.bandcamp.com/album/phasing https://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/650618-no-vacation-phasing
  6. 275 copies left as of a few hours ago (via a reddit comment made by a VMP employee) It's supposed to go live to the public after 3 days but I doubt it'll last that long Edit: 200
  7. Hey man, I sent you a PM about the vinyl if you're still able to.
  8. I have a couple variants of Poly if you're interested. This one, that one and the other. Be happy to sell you one. Lmk
  9. https://www.facebook.com/wearethepit/videos/473292573249677/
  10. I love All Delighted People!Remember when he released this and then two months later dropped Age of Adz? I find myself revisiting ADP more than Age of Adz.
  11. Theres a bunch of gems victory put out in their heyday that need to be pressed but never will. Moros Eros, The Junior Varsity, Action Action, A Day To Remember.
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  13. Bought. As a true-blue Sufjan fanboi I threw my money at the PayPals before I knew the title of the album - quite happy after hearing the first released track. It's funny, I was just listening to All Delighted People and telling my wife that I wish Sufjan would do more piano work - the dude delivers.
  14. Finally got around to listening to this one. I really like it but it’s almost hard to believe it wasn’t produced by Will Yip.
  15. I mean, I just sent Weezer $80 for three different colors of their new record that isn't out until next year, so I can't throw stones. We all have our vices...
  16. i have this if interested https://www.discogs.com/King-Gizzard-And-The-Lizard-Wizard-Thirty-Six-Seconds-From-Polygondwanaland-That-Go-On-Forever/release/11220372
  17. Judging by the tracklist, maybe not the Summer's Kiss EP on Eulogy? Drowning is on there, and I think was only released on the Fiddler EP. Seems weird they'd use Sharp Hint from MTV and not the original album, though. Maybe he has the EP, but not Swiss Army Romance? Edit: Swiss Army Romance really got into wide distribution because of the Drive-Thru CD release after the initial Fiddler release. Drive-Thru also did that silly 5x7" repress. Wonder if they're the complicating factor?
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