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  2. Summerslam was surprisingly pretty great. Only thing that sucked was a couple of the best matches of the night ended by DQ. So that was pretty dumb. Other than that, all around it was probably the best PPV since Wrestlemania. Every match was good in its own way for the most part. Except Lesnar/Reigns. But we’ve all come to expect that by now.
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  4. Figured that was going to happen eventually. Will definitely pick it up.
  5. VinylMario

    Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    So did anyone else watch Disenchantment? Or was it just me? Seems the show has a few mixed reviews going around. And I'm kinda on their side. But I'm thinking this first season is meant to be slow moving cuz of it's format. Matt Groening usually does TV and this is his first Netflix outing. I'm optimistic tho. I actually like it and am looking forward to many more seasons. Favorite character so far is Luci the demon. IGN did a review and got it spot on regarding the characters' blended remix of the Futurama trio: Fry, Bender and Leela. Which is fine cuz I really love Futurama.
  6. Looking forward to this, nice surprise after a week out of town. Checked out the EP on Spotify yesterday and it's definitely calm. Just one cursory listen in the car though, will have to listen more. Gotta check out that Julia track on something other than my laptop speakers tomorrow. [Untitled] though...a bit overdone as an album or track name. But whatever.
  7. Thanks! Actually not for the Korn but I found Eminem UO purple exclusive that piqued my interest lol: Slim Shady
  8. DecayToDeath

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    I might actually have to agree with this, though I think what's cool to me about them is that every Nothing album scratches a different itch; it's not like other bands where they're all pretty similar sounding albums and it's just a coin toss which one I feel like spinning on a given day. Of course they stick to shoegaze roots but I think the direction they go with it varies enough across their discog that it's not all the same.
  9. There's one for sale on Discogs, but the price is way high Edit: The release, Less Noise: A collection of songs from a band called The Maine, has been requested to be removed from Discogs. You are receiving this message because either you are the contributor, or it is in your collection or wantlist. Reason for removal: There was manufacturing errors with this variant and it hasn’t even been produced yet. No one has this in hand as required by discogs. Click here to view details or vote on this request. Happy Collecting, Discogs
  10. For those wondering, the version of "Stolen" on Dusk & Summer is the normal one that was released, and not the sped-up radio edit. It seems some stores got both this and A Mark. A Mission... in early. Grabbed both earlier today. Also, A Mark. A Mission... is actually a single LP and not a 2x LP, as advertised.
  11. This variant hasn’t shipped yet. Evidently there was a manufacturing error.
  12. hobbesthecat

    Oh Sees- Smote Reverser- Aug 17

    I think that is more kraut rock vs jazz maybe im splitting hairs thoug
  13. Don passed along this recommendation to me & they might be the best new band I’ve listened to all year. Everything by them thus far is insanely good. This new album has shot to the top of my most anticipated currently. I snagged that CD as well hoping for that /25 lyric sheet. The first CD I’ve bought in years lol.
  14. mrewest

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

  15. jeromium

    Oh Sees- Smote Reverser- Aug 17

    This album's a weird one - doesn't flow all that well for me right now and I really dislike the overlong jazzy rock jam "Anthemic Aggressor" in the middle.
  16. Lemme just: And for those of you who have fun reading b-dosia's meltdowns, here's another thread to peruse! This one also shows a real inability to read! ^^ I do have to apologize to everyone though. I wrote DDOOM when I meant to write DOOM, which is clearly so much worse than homeboy misspelling practically every other word in most of his posts. Egregious. Big kisses out to my boy B-Dosia, missed you today. I was really hoping you'd lose your shit again. Still looking for an answer to if you're THA B-Dosia though.
  17. This is a weird timeline we're living in.
  18. Brevity38

    FS: Whats left of my collection

  19. Urban exclusive gold https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/korn-follow-the-leader-20th-anniversary-limited-2xlp?category=vinyl-records-cassettes&color=070
  20. I never saw you on A Doom thread besides spreading your usual garbage. You know that DOOM record that you said was not worth it goes for double the price now, thx for the advice your a regular savant. Glad I always knew you were A blowhard, so I loaded up on those MUGGSxDOOM records. And Cha-Ching . Now I hear you say DOOM is your favorite rapper, c’mon bro we kno this ain’t true, you just saw a chance to hop on the band wagon. You’re a fraud who hides behind a key board. And who is DDOOM by the way? Never heard of him myself he must be your favorite rapper.
  21. So, after 5+ listens through, I'm on the opposite end of the opinion spectrum on this one...I really don't like it as a whole. At least half of the album seems like filler, and so many of the tracks have the same churning drum beat and tired one-liner cliches (You Moved Away, Near/Far, Autumn Love, When We Drive especially). A lot of the guitar riffs sound similar as well, or just things I feel I've heard before in my least favourite DCFC songs. You can also tell that a handful of the tracks on this thing were shoe-horned in to be radio-friendly. Surely influenced by the major label but it's never been quite as obvious in the past as it is now. "Oh oh oh ohhh! This autumn love...Oh oh oh ohhhh! Is it not enough!" ...You sell those Ford Escapes, Ben! (I have nothing against them making money from their music, as they always have...but this is just lazy). Overall, the album is not terrible but it is awfully boring and entirely forgettable. It has the same listless vibe as Codes & Keys, which I think is DCFC's worst album by far. I will say that the one positive thing about the album is the closer, 60 & Punk. With the exception of the random synth swell after the second chorus (around 2:31), it's the only song with the detail-filled lyricism I'm used to from Ben Gibbard. I also really enjoy the piano as it reminds me of Passenger Seat, What Sarah Said and all those greats. Funny how the best song on the record is one that deals with musicians growing old and becoming irrelevant.
  22. Shrekular Haze

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    High praise, for all the doubters.
  23. lexicondevil

    The official Horror fan topic

    It's strange that I haven't seen this yet. Boots Riley actually lives in my neighborhood. On an even further unrelated recommendation, everyone should definitely see Blindspotting. It touches on so many issues in America today. It should win many awards, but we know how that goes.
  24. @deafening turned me onto HOLY FAWN who just announced a full length, and my hopes are really high for this. I do not see vinyl plans, but imma spring for a CD since it's /25 (ooooh) Check out the single Arrows .... and their earlier material as well. HOLY FAWN - Death Spells New track by Twin Studies "Still Life" is absolutely sublime. Twin Studies - Still Life
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