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  2. Lol yeah this is the weirdest one on my list as well. Technically they are the most open of any label. They have a “Pre Order Status” page for every release you can fine at the bottom of their site. But it’s pretty useless because they a while. It actually just says “???” For the pre-order date.
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  4. I’m still waiting for any news whatsoever about that Tales of Symphonia 2xLP that I ordered August of last year. Hope to get that soon.
  5. Deep Turtle ‎– There's A Vomitsprinkler In My Liverriver (img)(/img) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ8mRPIC8Y4 https://soundcloud.com/lepa-nypa/deep-turtle-theres-a
  6. My advice is to not get your hopes up with iam8bit’s “promise dates.” I preordered Gravity Falls from them in November of 2020. Finally got an update February of THIS year saying it’s expected to ship sometime at the end of this year and I’ll even be surprised if that happens. Pretty crazy.
  7. Btw, any update about this? I think this was promised for early 2022, and I pre-ordered a year ago...
  8. Damn, I SHOULD be saving money but the wife loves AN just as much as me and doesn’t have a favorite song so I had to get Hearts for her
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  10. "Eeating seeeds...is a past-time...activity..."

  11. Can't believe I forgot to put the link 😅 https://www.discogs.com/user/codyoster/collection
  12. Slowly getting out of the hobby, trying to clear some space so if you see anything in my collection you're interested in send me a message and we can work out a deal
  13. Four mailers gone, would love to get some more out the door. Anything paid today ships tomorrow. New bonus, for the artists where I have three of their releases left (Album Leaf, Glaciers, Inventions, This Will Destroy You, Windmills By The Ocean). You can now get all three for $25 (plus shipping)! For the artists where I have two releases left (Giants, Mono, Souvenirs Young America, The Summer Pledge, Talvihorros), get 'em both for $15). Think $10/record is too high? I'm a reasonable person, make me an offer!
  14. The newsletter said you’re pressing spitfire’s cult fiction. Self help has already been pressed so I think the real question is when are we getting Scarlet’s Cult Classic?
  15. Some of you may be a dork like me. Heartworm put up some AN lyric pages handwritten and signed by Wes. Not a a bad price at 50 a pop. They seem to sell out and they put more up, so keep checking back and you may get lucky. Also, Cold Cave lyric sheets.
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