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  2. It's a pretty small room they press in so I would think it should be easier to keep clean. I haven't been in it though since opening weekend. At that time the press looked far superior than what I had seen at like URP.
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  4. All of the TMR pressings I have were absolutely filthy when I opened them, but they sound good after a couple cleanings. I don't know what they are doing there, but they put out the dirtiest records.
  5. Interesting. The Elephant 2022 and 2020 repress I have are great. Along with a few recent Vault releases.
  6. For those that care about what records actually sound like, quality from TMR appears to have taken a pretty substantial nosedive in recent years. I know Discogs reviews should be taken with a huge grain of salt, but everything I seem to be reading as of late suggests way more miss than the usual hit-or-miss. I didn’t buy them but a lot of folks seem to cite the recent Verve presses as a notable bungle.
  7. I remember buying double LPs for less than $20 shipped back then... sigh
  8. I haven't had a TMR since Sleep The Sciences and Leagues(which were really good). I've been reading that TMR's been having issues with their pressings as of late
  9. I don't understand why Bloc albums can't be repressed in their original form. They doctored up Silent Alarm some years ago, and these are just as questionable. (Not that I care about them anywhere near as much as Silent Alarm, which turns 20 this year and ought to get a true repress.)
  10. https://hardshoppes.com/ 40% off in-stock items at The Hard Times for 48 hours only.
  11. It's starting to raise in price, been 7 years now. https://www.discogs.com/release/10422019-Elliott-Smith-Figure-8 If people cared about listening to their vinyl it would have been sold out and selling for triple digits a long time ago.
  12. Def not worth a buy for anyone with a Bongload pressing then. I was hyped for a sec.
  13. They added "Flux" to AWITC and "One More Chance" to Intimacy. Making those album's running times 56mins and just over an hour, respectively. But it looks like they're both single LPs. Will be interesting to see how these end up sounding, especially with a 6:8 tracklisting split on Intimacy.
  14. No. This will probably be the same as the 2021 repress. Which could be worse, I guess.
  15. https://blocparty.com/ A Weekend in the City, Intimacy, and Four reissues up now!
  16. That is true about XO not having any decent pressings. Does Interscope remaster all of these releases? Also, do you have a link to a store that has the back in black Figure 8? I have the plain pressing on red / blue but it doesn't sound great.
  17. I actually ended up chatting with UO via Twitter DM and they resolved my issue within 15 minutes. They’ll send me replacements. Hopefully they arrive undamaged.
  18. This and From Indian Lakes' new album have been on constant rotation
  19. the retail variant is black/orange galaxy https://monstermusicsc.com/UPC/791689666235 07.26 release date Vinyl First Press: 300 x Brown / White Galaxy (DW Exclusive) 700 x Orange / Black Galaxy Cassette First Press: 300 x Smokey Tint https://deathwishinc.com/collections/state-faults/products/state-faults-children-of-the-moon 1st Press - Vinyl 180 Gram Clear w/ Black Smoke & Heavy Red, Yellow, Clear 'Magma' Splatter /50 'Heat Death' (Dog Knights 'Super-Friends Edition' #004) 180 Gram Clear w/ Black Double Vortex Swirl /200 180 Gram Brown/Black w/ Clear Marble /300 1st Press - Cassette Smoky Tint /500 1st Press - CD Gatefold Digifile CD w/ Insert /1000 https://dogknightsproductions.com/search?type=product&options[prefix]=last&q=state+faults
  20. New song rips. Preorders presumably 5/22. Links below when available: Deathwish: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/state-faults/products/state-faults-children-of-the-moon 300 x Brown / White Galaxy (DW Exclusive) 700 x Orange / Black Galaxy Dog Knights: https://dogknightsproductions.com/collections/state-faults 180 Gram Clear w/ Black Smoke & Heavy Red, Yellow, Clear 'Magma' Splatter /55 'Heat Death' (Dog Knights 'Super-Friends Edition' #004) 180 Gram Clear w/ Black Double Vortex Swirl /200 180 Gram Brown/Black w/ Clear Marble /300
  21. Dated or not, thought I was the only one hearing Brother’s Keeper. Thank you.
  22. Isn't there only like one pressing of XO that doesn't sound horrible or has there been a recent one I'm not aware of? The back in black Figure 8 Euro press hasn't been hard to come by as far as I'm aware and sounds great. XO had no such readily available good pressing last I checked.
  23. Yeah I still do not like Derek Hess at all. Glad there is at least a litho of the OG art
  24. Why not? TMR has been pressing records for a lot of quality releases.
  25. never tried live chat but had a quick and painless email experience when USPS lost a record (instant refund).
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