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  2. Would love a chill/non-spammy discord. Reddit stresses me out.
  3. I struck out...was on EVR and while the cart was updating for my turn...that's some bullshit right there...I watched it go from "available" to when it arrived in cart to say "sold out". Fuckin' shitballs.
  4. Funny enough...I recently joined Reddit just to putz around and see what I have been missing. And was toying with the idea of starting a Reddit community then. If enough people are keen on it, I will start it. Let me know.
  5. A subreddit or Discord seems like a fair idea, even though I’m not big on either. Probably as good of a time as any to mention that I’ve been working on an alternative forum but it’s going to be a little ways out. Some folks here are automatically going to nope out of that idea with myself and a friend or two at the helm, but the intent of it will be primarily for music discussion – new albums, announcements, ranking discographies, etc. – with a designated spot for vinyl drops and vinyl discussion. Reddit is better for up-to-date links and drops as they happen. Way ahead of VC about 95% of the time. VC allows for a little more discussion about music when it happens. If anyone is fixated on just sharing store links and shipping updates, there’s nothing wrong with staying on VC when it decides it’ll be online. If anyone else is intrigued by the idea of more of a music forum, I’ll gladly keep you in mind for an invite and would love to have you over there at some point.
  6. If anyone got both the splatter/yolk and wants to unload one, get at me. I will reward you with extra.
  7. Not the case with my Amazon copy. Officially a misprint then…
  8. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/all/products/there-were-wires-there-were-wires FIRST PRESSING: 250 x Yellow w/ Blood Splatter (Noise Cult) 300 x Yellow and Black Moon
  9. From the band: VINYL UPDATE: Unfortunately, there was a print mistake on the lyric sheet, but each customer has been provided with a corrected one that they’ll need to insert once receiving their vinyl copy. There is no action required on your end, the corrected lyric sheet will arrive with your vinyl order. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding here.
  10. Xasthur - Rehearsals 1997 - 1999 https://us.spkr.media/us/Artists/Xasthur/Xasthur-Rehearsals-1997-1999.html
  11. What's the word, @danny ? Is there not someone checking in on the boards from time to time to see if they're up and running?
  12. Do these exist for this forum as back ups? When the forums go down I feel so empty..
  13. Not to mention it just happened to occur during one of the most anticipated represses in a loooooong time was happening. This board is a joke. Days on end of issues with no one checking in or fixing it.
  14. Oops, it is this one, Absence of Truth on white https://www.discogs.com/release/2548840-Isis-In-The-Absence-Of-Truth
  15. Buttery smooth. The queue system is nerve-wracking on EVR’s shop but I prefer it to having the site crash repeatedly.
  16. Lol. Nothing like the boards being down for days when probably one of the most anticipated represses in forever drops. Classic VC. Never change.
  17. I was a dumb ass and checked the releases page instead of the store (it was 7 am here, I was tired) so by the time I found the order page it was long gone.
  18. So is this board on its death bed or what? Sure feels like someone is struggling to keep the lights on consistently.
  19. Got the same Olive variant from Amazon, got it yesterday… wanted to ask: are the lyrics printed upside down like mirrored? Looks like it’s unintentional, misprinted?
  20. Last week
  21. does anyone collect funk soul or disco 7" singles and want a list. all singles are NM/VG+ and are £1 each plus postage
  22. http://countyourluckystars.limitedrun.com/products/738537-star-funeral-in-the-dark-12-vinyl https://starfuneral.bandcamp.com/ I've been enjoying this album a lot
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