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I ran into one of the owners of Welfare Records a couple days ago. All they have left to do is price a bunch of records. He said they have more than 3x more vintage gear, records, etc. The old main room is all used/vintage gear.

He told me "about a month" til they open. They've been saying that since November, but it sounds like he is right this time!

I personally can't wait. Welfare is one of my favorites, and it's less than 2 miles away. :D


For what it's worth, I drove by there today and there were people standing outside smoking butts, with the door shut. That alone is a bonus. Hopefully no more employees ripping butts inside.

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On 2/4/2010 at 0:40 AM, Guest said:


Rush Mor Records -


B Side -

Ear Wax -

And there's a bunch of shops called Exclusive Company all over the state and they're all pretty nice.


Hit up several of these yesterday.


Madison also has Mad City Music exchange and Strictly Discs. Both very nice shops with 1,000s of records.


Ear Wax is a must for Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore Punk, et al. The entire store, hundreds of records. Only shop I've seen specialize like this.

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