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I ran into one of the owners of Welfare Records a couple days ago. All they have left to do is price a bunch of records. He said they have more than 3x more vintage gear, records, etc. The old main room is all used/vintage gear.

He told me "about a month" til they open. They've been saying that since November, but it sounds like he is right this time!

I personally can't wait. Welfare is one of my favorites, and it's less than 2 miles away. :D


For what it's worth, I drove by there today and there were people standing outside smoking butts, with the door shut. That alone is a bonus. Hopefully no more employees ripping butts inside.

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On 2/4/2010 at 0:40 AM, Guest said:


Rush Mor Records -


B Side -

Ear Wax -

And there's a bunch of shops called Exclusive Company all over the state and they're all pretty nice.


Hit up several of these yesterday.


Madison also has Mad City Music exchange and Strictly Discs. Both very nice shops with 1,000s of records.


Ear Wax is a must for Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore Punk, et al. The entire store, hundreds of records. Only shop I've seen specialize like this.

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About us:

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On 3/12/2016 at 6:52 PM, thenameisluigi said:

Didn't see it listed on page 2 or in the search, but St. Pete has a newish (couple years now) record shop on Central Ave a little further out from downtown.


Planet Retro Records


Has a pretty sweet used selection, lots of punk/indie/metal and a pretty good mixture of new records. Used stuff is pretty reasonable and new prices are comparable if not slightly cheaper than Daddy Kool. I still check out Daddy Kool every now and then but they're used selection is pretty small in comparison to Planet Retro.


Planet Retro was awful when I went. 
I drove up from Miami to check out Polyenso and Tides of Man in Ybor City a few months ago.
My favorite record shops there were definitely Banana's Music (not the main store) and Daddy Kool (They have probably one of the best new selections - They even had a ton of Frank Ocean bootlegs, I picked up Nostalgia, Ultra).
I went to Micro Groove and Planet Retro and really disliked both of them due to my personal taste.



On 2/10/2016 at 9:25 AM, vinyl addict said:

Did they have any 10,000 days Bootlegs? I can't find one without buying online and they all want $40+

Yes! Here in 'Miami' we've got Sweat Records, Museo Del Disco, Brooklyn Vintage and Vinyl, Yesterday and Today's records (disgustingly overpriced) and I believe the Musicians Discount Center also sells vinyl but I must admit We Got The Beats (my favorite of all) and Radio Active are the best South Florida record stores. I wouldn't even consider Vinyl Asylum a record store.

I just came back from a road trip with my fiancee, hehe, proposed to her on the trip! (I know no one cares, just wanted to insert it)
These are the stores I checked out.

- Park Ave CD's (good new selection, okay used selection. Over priced used 'rare' variants.)

New Orleans:
- Disko Obscura (phenomenal electronic new selection, okay used selection but the owner Joey, who also works with Wax Works, is a great guy. Small world, he is good friends with Adam Gerstein from Gramps and Mickey from Psychic Mirrors/Cosmic Chronic)
- Peaches Records (great new selection, used selection was okay but I noticed they wanted $50 for Chocolate Milk's Friction)
- NOLA Mix (Used hip hop, funk, and soul records only. I didn't come across anything special) 

Austin, TX:
- End Of An Ear (One of my favorites on this trip. They had video game soundtracks and Holodeck Releases along with a synth wave section and a great soundtrack section. They also had a great local and international section.)
- Waterloo (Ridiculous amounts of everything. I had already purchased close to 25 records from Peaches, End of an Ear and Disko Obscura so I didn't want to buy anything I could get online cheaper but they had a phenomenal selection. They had a black first pressing of TREOS - The Earth Sings... which I thought was pretty cool - $50 though. I bought a new second pressing on on ebay for $18 including shipping that same day after I realized I wouldnt find it cheaper than that.)

Waco, TX.
- Spin Connection (The only record store in this ghost town although Moroso Wood Fired Pizza and Magnolia were great. Probably the only 2 things to do there aside from eating BBQ, which is not my thing. Because no one goes here, I don't even know how they stay afloat in this small town. They barely have new records and mainly focus on used. I found Chocolate Milks Friction for $15, Chocolate Milk's Blue Jeans for $5 and Paul Hardcastle's Chrysalis for $5, the fiancee bought 2 soundtracks as well. I already have Midnight Star's Planetary Invasion and thought about buying it again for $10 just because it was still factory sealed with the hype sticker although I was bummed it had a hole punch. I sorta regret it now, but I didn't buy it so whoever buys it can enjoy it.) FOR WHATEVER REASON, IF YOU ARE A CRATE DIGGING LOVING MACHINE AND FIND YOURSELF IN WACO. GO HERE, YOU'LL ACTUALLY FIND COOL STUFF. 

Grimey's (The only store I went to in Nashville. Considering they have thousands and thousand of instagram followers I was extremely dissapointed with their selection of new records. I didn't have time to browse their used much but of course, they typical  Led Zeppelin, Doorsy kind of used record store vibe. Eh, not for me.)

This is all subjective of course.
I'm more of a video game/movie soundtracks, boogie, retro synth wave, hardcore/metal (2005 - 2008) fan.

Anywho, I'll shut the hell up now.
Check out Banana Music's second location. I think they have the best selection of used vinyl I have ever seen and they have duplicates all priced, usually, equally so you can actually choose the ones with better gradings. Oh and it's all alphabetical and by genre.

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So, is there an actual completed list buried in this thread someplace? I ask, as I'm heading to DC tonight and would like to scope out a solid shop one evening this week.


Edit: Found the map. Of the DC shops, does anyone have a preference?

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3 hours ago, monk0nuggets said:

So, is there an actual completed list buried in this thread someplace? I ask, as I'm heading to DC tonight and would like to scope out a solid shop one evening this week.


Edit: Found the map. Of the DC shops, does anyone have a preference?

Gotta hit SMASH! Located in the Adams Morgan area, this shop has history synonymous to the DC punk scene but not exclusive. You can find rare vinyl, metal, jazz, rock and retro clothing items. If you bump into Matt you'll have good conversation as well. Take a few minutes to check out the collection of local band flyers on the walls and ceilings. If you go, tell him the video guy sent cha. Happy hunting! ~Corey

Video here:



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