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  2. I also have some BM points which I would love to use on one or two of these.
  3. Fuck moviemars, they’ve sent me the wrong thing more than once and never tried to fix it. Been done with them for years.
  4. You're probably right. I'd expect them to be in the $35-$40 range. The fact that it's stateside shipping could be a trade off though.
  5. So here's a question for anybody who may have pledged so far: it says immediate download, but the campaigns may fail? Do you get to keep the digital copy or the bonus posters etc if the campaign doesn't get funded? What happens if the campaigns fail?
  6. You talking Limited Run or Super Rare type stuff I assume? I don’t like LRG so much but the rest don’t bother me. LRG seems to charge a huge premium for games that are usually already the free featured games for the month on PS4/Xbox. And they’re pretty bad about fulfilling preorders in a timely fashion. The open preorders they’ve been doing are a step in the right direction tho. I’m a big fan of Nicalis games. Never super limited or anything, but they also come with extra goodies in the box like a manual, mini-CD soundtrack or something else. Usually only the first print run will have the extras.
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  8. Perhaps they are looking to step into the space ignominiously vacated by pledge, and feel that by pressing orders themselves they have a greater degree of control over the process and can improve on what was basically a good concept that ended up being very badly mishandled.
  9. This seems like a pretty good idea to me. It makes sense to cut out crowdfunding middle men services when your platform is already based around “pay what you want”. I’d hope the cost for a plain black pressing would show a bit lower than the current demo campaigns. Although $28 isn’t unreasonable in Bandcamp land
  10. The Crow from moviemars on amazon. Pretty big company and it'll probably arrive sooner than a month. Good price too!! https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07P99YGXF/ref=mw_dp_olp?ie=UTF8&condition=all
  11. I think with it being number one on the amazon top 100 for the last few days itll soon be saying ships in 1-3 years. Lol
  12. Not what I expected but still looks great. Unfortunately mines still pending
  13. ...wish he'd concentrate more on his playing. Haven't seen a sloppier drummer live.
  14. That’s a fact—Dredg has always been really good live. Their drummer is so fun to watch.
  15. Something about this bugs me. How many of these orders have been placed?
  16. I am kind of glad Pixies is US only. Stops me being tempted. They look great though.
  17. i think it seems like a good idea for those that want to press content to a physical platform but maybe don't want to foot the bill for a number of records they might never sell. the principle is good, but if the price point isn't right for creators, it won't work
  18. They did 3 or 4 variants of This is Boston Not L.A., all released at the same time. At least one of them was limited to 300 I believe.
  19. It seems to basically just be a brokerage service, of which there are many of those these days. And if their 'manufacturing partner' is who I think it is than that makes bandcamp just a broker for another broker. Too many middlemen.
  20. Damn that looks good, here's to hoping mine ships early as well.
  21. That's exciting but honestly I'd be surprised if they are cheaper than ordering from Amazon.UK.
  22. Amazon's Crow listing previously said 1-2 months correct? I now see 1-3 months.
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