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  2. Is there any way to get the galaxy vinyl still? As in cancellations or leftover copies? Missed out and really want to grab it.
  3. Another Cherry Tree related question -- apparently my membership lapsed, and I didn't realize. I guess they sent out details about a secret show in Chicago this Friday, would someone mind PM'ing me the details if you got that? I'd be very appreciative. I just re-upped my membership, but not sure they'll send out anything else in regard to it.
  4. What exactly is it slapping? This phrase is the fucking worst.
  5. Invisible City also closed up this month: https://exclaim.ca/music/article/torontos_invisible_city_record_shop_forced_to_close
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  7. Tbh the album they put out in 2016 was probably their best effort since their peak in the late 90s/early 00s. Before that they haven't put out anything worthwhile in like 15 years.
  8. Hmm that blast beat was great and the song is overall excellent, love the atmosphere it creates. I think the closest Dave got to something that could resemble a blast beat was back on Enter.
  9. About time! I think I got one of the red ones as well from some European retailer that would actually ship here.
  10. I did give it a listen for the hell of it. Gotta hand it to em, its the exact same formula for like 25 years. Build up in the middle, huge breakdown at the end. Also, I had no clue this band has been consistently releasing albums every 3 years since 1994. I just assumed they fell off after 2001 and this was a comeback album. Good for them
  11. A Korn and a Slipknot thread on page 1 today. Hot damn.
  12. Don't feel guilty. No one's judgemental here at Vinyl Collective.
  13. i would say you can't go wrong with either variant. i was a little underwhelmed by the iridescent after watching the unboxing video on IG and was that close from cancelling the order with TRL. but once i saw it in person i was pleasantly surprised by it, perhaps helped by low expectations. my buddy has the blue/green and that looks very nice too. and like most people I prefer record colors to match with album artwork (although the blue green align more closely with the original artwork).
  14. Their shipping is the worst. Might pick up that indie version, which is still pretty damn expensive at £32.99 (without shipping)
  15. I don’t actually argue that point haha. But meant as a positive!
  16. Seems some dopehead pushed that button too early...
  17. As a (huge) guilty pleasure, I'll definitely give this album a chance. Not for 40 bucks though.
  18. Thanks heaps to those that sent me a PM. Managed to get some great seats!
  19. The Hives new 7" is up for preorder on TMR now. In stores on Friday. https://thirdmanstore.com/records/7-inch-releases/i-m-alive-b-w-good-samaritan
  20. Sign-up for TBK's new Lonely Boys & Girl Club and you can listen to new album NOW: https://www.thelonelyboysandgirlsclub.com/ Opening jam is great. So far I'm really liking Dan bringing more of his guitar sound back Also got shipping confirmation email this morning for the pink edition. Shows it'll be hear Friday
  21. Hello everyone, Double Double Whammy here. We noticed a discussion and some confusion over some of the variants and wanted to address a few to hopefully help out! Made an account just for this - We are aware that the Glow In The Dark does look very similar to the milky clear in the daylight, which has been the source of a lot of confusion (even for me when I first opened it!). - You do need to expose it to light for it to glow in the dark, similar to the way other GITD items work. This is certainly a novelty item as someone mentioned, and the first GITD record we've made - it does seem like the "technology" has some kinks to work out, but I do think it's cool none the less! Here's a photo someone tweeted of it glowing. - Similarly we've heard people saying they ordered the Galaxy variant and received black vinyl. I promise, there is not a black variant of this record at this time, hold the vinyl to the light and see the "galaxy" effect! Two galaxy examples showing the difference in the light. - Someone asked why would we do GITD and Milky Clear since they look so similar in the light -- we allow our artists to pick any variants they want, and since this was our first GITD record, we didn't have the foresight to realize they look so similar. Our mailorder team is very good at separating and sending the correct variants though. And now we know for the future! Thanks hope this helps! Enjoy the album!
  22. Ships from WI, $5 per order. US only, please. Dude Ranch – Orange clear – VG+/VG+ ($75) /500 limited edition Enema of the State – Orange transparent – VG+/VG+ ($75) /500 limited edition Enema of the State – Green transparent – VG+/VG+ ($65) /500 limited edition Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Upside Down Flowers - NM/NM ($15) Also willing to trade for things on my wantlist, specific titles below taking priority: My wantlist blink-182 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Eve 6 - Horrorscope Jack’s Mannequin – People and Things Justin Courtney Pierre – My Girl Margot/Everything That Hurts Say Anything – In Defense of the Genre Something Corporate - North Streetlight Manifesto – Keasbey Nights Sugarcult – Start Static
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