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  2. Never thought I'd be the type to share this online, but recently lost my job (sucks, kind of bullshit reason, but I don't really wan to get into it.) Catching a bit of a snap right now and feeling sharey. Anywho. Good prospects on something new. Looking to get out of the death industry ( too much weird emotional stress). Miss you @Bladew1ll1s1sdead <3
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  4. Came in the mail. Love how it turned out! Seeing them Saturday and can't wait to see if they do any of these arrangements or throw it back to All In My Head
  5. Pirates Press posted earlier that they are partnering with them on it. https://www.kqed.org/arts/13855266/bandcamp-announces-vinyl-service-partnering-with-pirates-press-in-emeryville?fbclid=IwAR0MWpFEonupJ95Z0jibesLZmBLa1PbMJBEXN67h16cM6mQi8lzwiUja75o
  6. How have they not reissued their catalog?
  7. I got #2/10 for See Ya Later in the mail today. Very cool.
  8. Someone has to keep Domestic Depp employed.
  9. Yeah, same, thanks man. I picked up the OG Zozobra Birds of Prey which I missed out on the first go round.
  10. Neither will I. Some records belong on black vinyl. This is one of them.
  11. beefheart for ~$35 https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/931323343
  12. With releases like this, I (selfishly) wish that the shop would block people who purchased the first pressing from grabbing this one. Kinda like how a lot of places will cancel orders on people who buy more than one of something.
  13. Any info on how the Billy Joel release sounds? Only one review on discogs and it was negative. Could’ve been a cleaning issue tho.
  14. He's always known for upping the price after a few days of RSD. He had copies of Robyn up the other day for $10 more than the original on RSD. The original price on The Crow was $39.99 there, so he did only mark it up $3 (from his original price). I called yesterday to see if he had any left and he said no, so sounds like they definitely got more in which means more stores probably will too. But yeah - a bigger markup might be coming from him if any are left.
  15. Are they seriously? Wow, fuck that. I always liked them, too - in whatever limited experience I had. My biggest POS gripe was Mac Demarco’s last LP were they kept gradually raising the price throughout the day.
  16. I dislike flipping especially by record stores, but $42.00 isn’t really that bad especially with free shipping. Shuga in Chicago is asking $150.00 for The Crow.
  17. Flippers with a physical retail space. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up more copies of The Crow for like $59 shortly.
  18. The Collective: How dare they price gouge like that-- Port o Sound: [counting money] Gone.
  19. High on Fire: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/931313772
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  21. I outgrew this genre a long, long time ago but still remember their awesome cover of "while my guitar gently weeps".
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