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4 hours ago, ShitPost Malone said:

Yes. The ole "I need to go to the bathroom" preorder. Mandatory.

My coworker was leaving at noon. He asked to leave 5 minutes early and I was like "No uhh..." and mumbled something about paperwork and walked away. Ordered at 11:58 and then was like "Alright, whatever. Get out of here"

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I hesitated on ordering this when the preorder went up because my credit card balance strongly suggested I not buy records until payday, so I missed the splatter by a lot of days. But I actually think the olive fits the artwork better anyway so I'm not upset over it. 


Zao was the first "heavy" band I listened to, thanks to a Songs From the Penalty Box comp...super stoked that literally 20 years later I can grab some of their back catalog for not stupid prices.

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10 hours ago, ethereal said:

you should totally cancel your order so we can do a group buy

On 4/21/2018 at 6:24 PM, ethereal said:

try going for a walk man, I hear it helps a ton with anger and frustration.


On 5/12/2018 at 12:43 PM, ethereal said:

you seriously need to get a life man.

seriously though, log out for a few days, it will do you some good.

you contribute nothing (good) to VC.



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17 minutes ago, pizza face said:

Any updates on this? Kinda forgot it was coming soon until I checked my list of pre-ordered records. 

Checked Facebook and it looks like a couple months ago someone asked about it and they said "Hopefully September, but it got snagged up in more major label red tape than we ever could have imagined"

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