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12 minutes ago, djghost1976 said:

Hope that dude gets hit by a bus.

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I prefer my usual contact method...  

Hot Topic has a ton of upcoming releases & exclusive colors and I'm starting to lose track. I thought it'd be helpful to create a topic just for the upcoming releases. I'll just keep the op update

4 hours ago, Sunshine said:

" 'Cause
I feel so mad
I feel so angry
I feel so callous
So lost, confused, again "


More appropriate lyrics now. Actually hoping someone dies because you missed a record written for 15 year olds is pretty silly.

I got a copy. just hate flippers. Of course I don't want him to get hurt it was a joke ya derp.

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48 minutes ago, STILLUNDERGROUND said:

Some dude got all butt-hurt because of this comment... amazing. hahaha


40 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

Who did?  And did they PM you or something?  Because the guy who quoted you was joking, I'm pretty sure.

If you were referring to me I was absolutely kidding. I like you new Travis... what is your real name anyway?

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5 hours ago, MikePortly said:

To the people who said they got a shipping notification: did you have it shipped to your house or to the store?

Home for me as well. These past few times they've been good and shipped in the normal vinyl boxes but I wouldn't be surprised if my luck changed for this one lol

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On 3/8/2017 at 3:47 PM, travis said:

Definitely no black vinyl for this. 

Wouldn't be surprised to see a few copies go back up online at some point. 

You're giving me hope.

The customer service rep I just talked to on the phone told me he had no idea when, if at all, it would be back in stock. He only said that if the page still exists for the vinyl, there's a possibility it could go back in stock, but if the page is completely removed, it's done.

I said it in the blink splatter thread and I'm kind of half joking, but if any die-hard blink collector out there wants to trade for the first press purple California I will definitely trade my copy, or if anyone has an extra copy of this, please PM me!

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