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i wish i could just have a live broadcast of my parents watching awards shows.


my mom asked why Adele was performing with Macklemore. then lamented that she 'looks like she put on some weight.'

my dad didn't know who Pharrell was but liked his hat.

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Overall, the Grammys weren't that bad. I was indifferent about the people winning who I didn't care for.


Performances that were great: Taylor Swift, The Highwaymen, NIN & QOTSA (until Queens got cut off to end the show, which was laaaaaaame!)


What I did find extremely amusing, as with every awards show like this, is the plethora of tweets and FB statuses by people who are on their high horse and think that stuff like this is below them. Plenty of "fuck mainstream music" posts and the few that were "edgy" and so punk that they had to post that they didn't care for the Grammys cuz it's all music they don't listen to and not worth it.

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