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PO NOW: Say Anything - Hebrews

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New song:













Announcing New Album “Hebrews” to be released 6/10/2014 with Tour Dates!


Touring With The Front Bottoms, The So So Glos + You Blew It! Tour Kicks Off June 13th in Dallas, TX. Pre-Sale Tickets available Wednesday, March 26th at noon local time at sayanything.ducatking.com.






Say Anything, the brainchild of front-man Max Bemis, is thrilled to announce “Hebrews” – a brand new full length due out June 10th, 2014 via Equal Vision Records. “Hebrews” is the follow up to Say Anything’s massively successful fifth studio album “Anarchy, My Dear” released in March of 2012. Say Anything will support the release of “Hebrews” with a nationwide tour kicking off June 13th at Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. The Front Bottoms, The So So Glos and You Blew It! are confirmed to support. “Favorite record I’ve ever made = favorite tour I’ve ever played. Not to mention the other bands slay; if y’all show up, you’ll make my day.” – Max


A signed CD or vinyl can be added to the pre-sale ticket purchase at a cost of $9.00 for CD and $14.00 for vinyl. Fans who choose to add “Hebrews” to their ticket order will receive a digital download of the record on release date from Equal Vision Records and will pick up their CD or vinyl from the merch table the night of the show they are attending with confirmation of their order by showing their ID and receipt of purchase. Additional unique pre-order bundle options will be available through MerchNOW in the coming weeks.

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saying anarchy was massively popular sounds ridiculous BUT it IS possible that people really enjoyed it outside the online community. i feel like most people were disappointed but every band attracts new fans with each release (usually) and perhaps say anything miraculously tacked on a bunch of new fans with anarchy.


anarchy was bad enough that i'm not remotely excited about this, though.

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I remember the day Anarchy leaked. I was heading off to Pittsburgh the next day on a four hour bus drive, and I had a dream it leaked. Nonetheless, it was there when I woke up. Weird shit, eh? Rushed to download it, put it on my iPod, listened twice during the bus ride.


That was a sad bus ride.

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I know its shitty to blame Sherrie, but he really hasn't put out anything that great since IARB. The title of this album alone may be enough to keep me from buying it, but I guess I'll wait until the first single is released to decide.

And no, he's confirmed that this will be another album without cursing, so I can only assume it will be more pop than punk like the previous few albums. Ugh.

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I think the Self-Titled is some of the best stuff they've done.

I don't blame his wife at all.

I think about half of it was good, but even then a lot of it was repetitive and had boring song structure. Also plenty of the writing was meh; the bridge to property kind of ruins the song for me, and in general it's just to safe and poppy for my taste.

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Maybe Max's problem is that he writes so many songs between albums & the song shop that he's running out of ideas?





EDIT: Has anyone listened to the other members of Say Anything's stuff? Like XO & They're Ghouls? I think the other band members have a cool style but Max over powers them and just writes the whole album by himself.

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