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  3. Remember when Captured Tracks used to do really cool things with their limited exclusives? Fuckin OBI and a poster : | I do actually like the uggo colorway though. I with Dan.
  4. So is that 7" just the covers one again? ...you can't really feature Sparklehorse
  5. Gimme that sloppy boy to go with the messy paint artwork.
  6. Special Edition color is super uggo. Waiting for other options.
  7. RT has an exclusive too but the page is currently down https://roughtrade.com/us/diiv/diiv-deceiver
  8. https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/collections/captured-tracks/products/deceiver
  9. well I see what you did there. that was clever.
  10. I mean. Mine doesn't have any issues that I've noticed. I haven't played it in a minute though.
  11. I feel like every band HAS to release 3 singles ahead of time, which irks me. I know I don’t have to listen, but with RC I have to listen. Milano > Kohokia > Arluck for me
  12. Yeah I literally only bought to keep the collection complete. It sounds great & the vinyl is thicccc but yeah the hand-painted first copy is far superior.
  13. https://www.metalsucks.net/2019/07/23/lets-talk-about-knocked-loose/
  14. You better keep that clear! Your friend didn't do a thoughtful thing, you did
  15. I’d been watching the stock and waiting to purchase on payday; it moved slow from 230 to about 160-ish over the week. Then they disappeared and “sold out” overnight lol. So yeah I agree they’ll pop up somewhere! Maybe on tour? 😬
  16. Ha!I recently acquired some deadstock wrench stickers off the 'bay. Hopefully the decades old adhesive holds up...
  17. Rumor has it, the clear pressing has some issues.
  18. Thanks for the order, heading to the PO tomorrow. Colemine is reissuing that True Loves LP. This fall I think. They did a 7" a month or two ago.
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