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  2. As suspected, Bullmoose cancelled my Sigur Ros order. Fortunately my local store got a couple sets, and I pounced on that with quickness. I spun 22° Lunar Halo a couple nights ago, and it's beautiful. Happy I was able to get these.
  3. I really loved the line-up on Illumination Ritual, Nathan was amazing on drums. Bummed there is a new crew, but Appleseed Cast never disappoints. I'm really excited to hear this.
  4. I broke down and had a listen to the leak. The album is really good, and I'll be ordering the bundle with the Forever Becoming remix. Were it not for a awkwardly attempted blast-beat that Larry just can't get to work with one of the songs, I'd say the album is flawless.
  5. my normal black copy is one of the best sounding rap albums in my collection...
  6. Nope. No insert either. It did come with a poly lined paper sleeve... so there is that.
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  8. Tell him about this great new forum that just started out of the ashes of VMP's boards and kindly direct him over there
  9. Holy shit that new track is awesome, literally can't wait to blast this in my car at an ungodly volume.
  10. My students are annoying the hell out of me right now, so I am BLASTING Acathexis while they finish their work. They can't hear each other talk. It's pretty fucking satisfying.
  11. $50 - Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership (Yellow, Color Pop) SEALED! Price includes media mail shipping inside the United States
  12. Bull Moose had it stocked for ages but not anymore. Quick google search looks like it’s still available at Armadillo Music and Amoeba, for starters.
  13. To any of you who got multiple pinwheels due to that error, I'll buy one of them if your selling for a decent price
  14. Not on Amazon(sorry-ish), but goes along with this deal and post - The Zombies Greatest Hits on eBay for $14.16 - https://www.ebay.com/p/Greatest-Hits-LP-Bonus-Track-by-The-Zombies-Vinyl-Apr-2017-2-Discs-Varèse-Sarabande-USA/234125098?iid=233214449485&opts=opick
  15. Pretty sure the current pressing is the ORG Gundman cut. RTI pressed too, I believe (maybe Palas? either way, pressed as well as it probably could be) So its one of the best.
  16. Agreed. I wasn't going to PO this record but after hearing this track I think I'll bite on the gold.
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